pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ellsworth Truth SST.2 Frame

2011 ellsworth truth sst 2 frame   2011 Ellsworth Truth SST.2 Frame

Packed with new amazing features, the 100mm travel Truth SST.2 from Tony Ellsworth is made even better in 2011. These new features include Ellsworth’s proprietary ICT suspension, SST.2 tubing, a lighter and stronger pivot integrated seat tube and a semi-integrated tapered head tube.

A favorite among privateer racers through the years, the Truth takes pride in its legendary performance. The ICT (Instant Center Tracking) suspension is a true four-bar design that allows the rear wheel’s virtual pivot to be always positioned somewhere beside the chain’s torque line.

What the SST.2 in the frame’s name refers to is the Superformed Seat Tube, a complex, organic-looking seat tube that integrates the mounting point for the rocker’s central pivot. Laterally stiff with well-allocated overall weight, the 2011 Ellsworth Truth SST.2 Frame is a great choice not only to XC racers but to all riders, too.

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