pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Colnago Master Heritage SS Jersey

2012 colnago master heritage ss jersey   2012 Colnago Master Heritage SS Jersey

For riders who are looking for new cycling clothes, a new Italian-made SS jersey called Master Heritage has been released by Colnago for 2012. This cycling jersey offers excellent extra moisture management, so it is ideal for hot rides in summer.

Freedom of movement and maximum comfort are offered by the Master Heritage, thanks to its multi-panel design. In the jersey’s lower back area is a Jacquard elastic gripper, which gives additional stability. Overheating is countered by its one-piece anatomical mesh inserts.

While it is styled with a classic sleek design, the 2012 Colnago Master Heritage SS Jersey still looks fashionable among modern cyclists. A 50+ UPF rating protects the rider’s skin by blocking out more than 98% of the damaging sun rays.

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