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Zipp Reps Take Hold of SRAM selections

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Zipp Reps Take Hold of SRAM selections

zipp reps takes hold of sram selections   Zipp Reps Take Hold of SRAM selections

32 Zipp representatives and SRAM come together to boost sales of SRAM’s brands. SRAM aims to widen the awareness among dealers of the SRAM lines available in the market. And Brian Gavette, director of North American aftermarket sales and marketing for SRAM, assigns Zipp reps to help to be the key players in fulfilling the job.

Reps are now promoting employee purchase programs to distinguish key influencers and  clinics on SRAM’s XX mountain group. Also, Apex road group and SRAM aluminum wheels are now being promoted as an initial move.

It took extensive training to educate the reps of the technicalities and the flow of the mountain bike market that STU (SRAM Technical University) was opened to them in order to ensure their mastery of the SRAM selections. Instructors were deployed to reach reps that are working in the field.

Zipp will now be assigned to represent for its sister brands, SRAM, RockShox, Avid…

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SRAM Aluminum 2010 Wheelsets

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sram aluminum 2010 wheelsets   SRAM Aluminum 2010 Wheelsets

To top their 2007 innovation of Zipp-inspired deep carbon rim aero wheels, SRAM decided to release a three-model range of road wheels with aluminum rims. This 2010 item is designed especially for rides that have a typically standard depth and minimal spoke counts of 18 front/20 rear.

If without the rim tape and skewers, the range wheel weighs about 1620g. It has a tangent non-drive side rear spoke arrangement that is similar with other brands. However, SRAM uses a 27mm deep rim with a traditional cross section. This is good for fast training since it comes out to be like an entry-level wheel.

This new range has the S27 Al Comp. This meant cartridge bearing hubs, the all-radial front/radial drive side and bladed Sapim CX spokes with brass nipples.

The S30 Al Sprint has the Sapim CX-Sprint spokes, internal aluminum nipples and black mirror finish. The S30 Al Race also comes with bladed…

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SRAM Apex Groupset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Apex Groupset

sram apex groupset   SRAM Apex Groupset

Taking over SRAM Rival groupset for entry level is the new SRAM Apex, which is will release to combat against Shimano’s 105 groupset. Although a beginner groupset, the SRAM Apex will use most of the same features other SRAM groupsets offer, which includes Zero Loss shifting, DoubleTap brake and shift levers, and exact actuation.

The SRAM Apex Groupset is labeled under WiFLi, which stands for Wider, Faster and Lighter. Wider comes from the crankset and cogs, giving a larger range of gears, faster due to the double crankset, and since the groupset only weighs 2,435 grams, this is where lighter comes into play, and is 105 grams lighter than the Shimano 105. Shipments will hit manufacturers in April, and retailers in June. Retail price is yet to be determined.

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SRAM XG999 Cassette 9 Speed

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM XG999 Cassette 9 Speed

sram xg999 cassette 9 speed   SRAM XG999 Cassette 9 Speed

SRAM mainly known for their drivetrain components pushes the bar once again by taking the SRAM cassette that is apart of the XX groupset and making it available in 9 speed guise. Seven of the cogs are CNC machined together, which was put together by a block of billet steel on the XG999 cassette. The SRAM XG999 Cassette 9 Speed is said to weigh 175 grams for the 11-32 cassette, but with SRAM a high retail price does come, with the SRAM XG999 Cassette 9 Speed retailing at $300.

Source: BikeMagic

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SRAM PG 1070 Cassette 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM PG 1070 Cassette 2010

sram pg 1070 cassette 2010   SRAM PG 1070 Cassette 2010

This 10-speed cassette from SRAM is designed to be sturdy and smooth-shifting. The three large sprockets are made with titanium and supported on a spider, while the smaller sprockets are made with heat-treated steel. While the steel is not as light as titanium, they are durable nonetheless. The SRAM PG 1070 Cassette 2010 is also designed to be quieter than ever before. The SRAM PG 1070 Cassette 2010 is compatible with either SRAM or Shimano chains, and it comes in 11 to 23, 25, 26, 28T, and 12 to 25, 26, or 27T. The SRAM PG 1070 Cassette 2010 retails for $95.75, and you can purchase it at Wiggle.

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