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SRAM Red Brakeset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Red Brakeset

sram red brakeset   SRAM Red Brakeset

The major feature of the SRAM Red Brakeset is its dual pivot design. The dual pivot design with convex washers is race-proven and skelotonized. It is fully adjustable with the centering and spring tension screws. With its pure stopping power and modulation in a lightweight, aero package, this product is ideal for road cycling.

The dual pivot design of the SRAM Red Brakeset boosts the braking power and at the same time improves the modulation in a light and wind-cheating package. These brakes are made with combined materials of alloy pivot bolts, cold-forged aluminum arms, and a pad set that is easy to adjust. The materials provide maximum effectiveness along with minimum weight. Cold-forged aluminum arms have an aerodynamic profile that makes it super stiff. The upgraded modulation and power control are also feather-light and extremely weatherproof. With the easy-to-adjust pad holders, this weatherproofing allows super smooth action to…

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SRAM Red DoubleTap Controls Brake Lever + Shifter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Red DoubleTap Controls Brake Lever + Shifter

sram red doubletap controls brake lever and shifter   SRAM Red DoubleTap Controls Brake Lever + Shifter

With DoubleTap and ZeroLoss, SRAM Red Controls allow smooth up and down shifts in one single motion. This is a highly upgraded DoubleTap version that is improved by a specific pawl geometry, which subsequently yields to zero-loss travel. With the DoubleTap mechanism, it is easy and fast to change gears, allowing for free awkward and bothersome gear shifting on a systems that involve two levers.

In just one quick and smooth motion, shifting is effortless and comfortable. When the desire to upshift or downshift arises, there’s no waiting for the shift to come. All that’s needed is a push on the lever and the cable is engaged in an instant. No movement is lost at all, so it is zero-loss.

Aside from the instant and precise gear changes, the SRAM Red Controls are made of great materials such as carbon brake lever, carbon shift levers, and titanium. Its carbon…

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SRAM Red Crankset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM Red Crankset

hero larger 2011   SRAM Red CranksetThe SRAM Red series offers another great addition to it’s well rounded group of products for your bike. This time the new SRAM RED Crankset is being delivered to your garage complete with new and improved technology as well as the trademark style and materials you’ve come to love from SRAM.

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2011 RockShox SID RLT

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 RockShox SID RLT

2011 rockshox sid rlt 300x300   2011 RockShox SID RLTThe RockShox SID RLT has been updated for 2011. It now has 2 chassis options available, the 120mm and the 80/100mm travel. It has a lightweight PowerBulge lower bushing system and a 15mm Maxle Lite option. There’s a disc brake hose guide and a tapered carbon fiber crown steerer.

The RockShox SID RLT 120mm travel fork weighs 3.27lbs while the 80-100mm fork slimmed down to 2.97lbs. BlackBox Dual Air springs and a Motion Control damping system is in place. With a forged crown made from hollow AL66 TV Aluminum, the RockShox SID RLT goes well with Monarch and Ario rear shock.

The 2011 RockShox SID RLT has 32mm upper tubes from 7000 series straight wall aluminum material. They have been anodized with sag gradients. The maximum rotor size is 185mm and comes in colors black and white with new graphics.

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SRAM Red Tour de France Yellow Groupset

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sram red tour de france yellow groupset   SRAM Red Tour de France Yellow Groupset

Former and current Tour de France champions racing this year will ride with the new SRAM Red Limited Tour Edition groupset, including Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador, Carlos Sastre, Oscar Pereiro (not racing). The four cyclists listed have won the last 11 Tour de France races, with Lance winning the most. This was a huge part of the launch.

Last year, SRAM Red had a big year, with Alberto Contador winning the 2009 Tour, Andy Schleck coming in 2nd, and Lance Armstrong in 3rd. All had in common: they came equipped with SRAM Red. The SRAM Red Tour de France Yellow Groupset is available to the public in September 2010 in limited quantities.

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SRAM X0 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM X0 2011

sram x0 2011 1 279x300   SRAM X0 2011

SRAM reveals its X0 2011, expected to be available to the market in August 2010. The X0 family has cranks made from carbon with aluminum inserts for its spindle and pedals. The cranks have a spider alloy which can easily be put in or out. Three T2 bolts allow the spiders to jump from a two-ring or three-ring set up. Also, choose from 170mm or 175 mm long, BB30 or GXP bottom bracket, or from colors of red, gold, black or blue.

The cranks are durable and strong to the level of downhill standards. As for the speed rear derailleur, the C-clips, which used to be at the bottom of the parallelogram, were moved to the top for safety from getting in the way. It also has a new chassis with three cage lengths (short, medium and long) and is compatible with 36-tooth cassette cogs. The derailleur weighs 190 grams. On…

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SRAM 500 TT Shifter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM 500 TT Shifter

sram 500 tt shifter   SRAM 500 TT ShifterThe SRAM 500 TT Shifter is the one to solve the old way of using your bike’s shifters. This smart product is the company’s latest entry-level in offering the bar-end shifter category.

The SRAM 500 TT shifter was designed to work with any SRAM road transmission but at the same time work in a conventional way. With the left hand lever, it is constrained by a friction mechanism, this way the right hand lever clicks within any one of the 10 positions and stays there. It is way different than that of the SRAM’s top-end, the R2C mechanism that returns the right hand lever to its central position after each shifting, producing no friction.

Levers are fixed at both end of the bars by using the standard split sleeve with its plastic case, the ring springs but the expanding bolt of its left-hand thread tightens the housing as done by…

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