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2012 SRAM X9 Mountain Bike Shifters

2012 sram x9 mountain bike shifters   2012 SRAM X9 Mountain Bike Shifters
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For 2012, SRAM has announced the new upgrades that its mountain bikes shifters will be getting. These include all the front and rear X9 9-speed and 10-speed trigger shifters across 2×10, 3×10, and 3×9 speeds in all colors from SRAM for 2012.

Downhill and cross-country riders will benefit from the same ball bearing pivot design that will be used by the upgraded SRAM X9 shifters as the higher-end XX and X0 units of SRAM. This will replace the present bushing-based design featured in the main cable-pull lever.

Mountain bike riders can expect better ride quality from these pull lever ball bearing technology upgrades. All the 2012 SRAM X9 Mountain Bike Shifters offer more precise shifting, as well as an enhanced lever feel and overall performance.

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2012 SRAM XX and XXWC Hydraulic Disc Brakes

2012 sram xx and xxwc hydraulic disc brakes   2012 SRAM XX and XXWC Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Newly released by SRAM for 2012 are two hydraulic disc brakes, which are the XX and the XXWC. With a lower profile, the XX levers feature Pad Contact Adjust bezel and are tooled reach adjust instead of the knob from Elixir. Without losing its cross country racing heritage, the XX is designed to tackle trail riding.

While the XX comes complete with internal overhaul, including a new forged aluminum caliper and TaperBore system, the XXWC reduced weight by getting rid of the Pad Contact Adjust. Other new features of the XXWC are the much smoother master cylinder body tapered toward the lever pivot.

Redesigned based on Elixir 7 and 9, the 2012 SRAM XX and XXWC Hydraulic Disc Brakes feature a magnesium lever body. For better bleed performance, both the two brake sets are equipped with high-quality specs, such as the adjusted bleed port location and air trap.

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2012 Pinarello FP-Due SRAM Rival Bike

2012 pinarello fp due sram rival bike   2012 Pinarello FP Due SRAM Rival Bike

Updated for 2012, the FP2 is developed by Pinarello as the new FP Due SRAM Rival. While the geometry is still unchanged, the bike gets a new asymmetric design that can be seen mostly in the fork and seat stays of the bike. Its ONDA design offers excellent lateral rigidity, responsiveness, and comfort.

Through its new asymmetry, the offset power delivery of the FP Due SRAM Rival is balanced as its drive train is offset to the right. This is the perfect machine for twisty roads that require speed. For better aesthetics, the frame is color coordinated with the bar, brakes, saddle, seatpost, and stem.

While it is especially designed for climbing and sprinting, the 2012 Pinarello FP-Due SRAM Rival Bike offers perfect balance with wheels that remain planted. Tapering from 1-1/8″ to 1-1/2″, the fork’s steerer allows for a stiffer front end to ensure that the handling is…

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2011 Litespeed M1/SRAM Rival Complete Bike

2011 litespeed m1sram rival complete bike   2011 Litespeed M1/SRAM Rival Complete Bike

A well-mannered race machine, the 2011 Litespeed M1/SRAM Rival Complete Bike is speedy but not twitchy and steady but not slow. Without the weight or dowdy components, the bike rides very smoothly as a traditional road bike.

Everything is kept in place by the SL-250 micro-adjusting aluminum post with an easy-to-operate single bolt. Mavic provides the bike with excellent Aksium wheels that are lightweight enough for road race but are still tough enough to endure a year of demanding rides.

For enhanced hammering comfort, the bars have a 80mm reach, 125mm drop, and a minor 4-degree outward sweep of the drops. While the 2011 Litespeed M1/SRAM Rival Complete Bike is inexpensive, its quality is topnotch and it is available in five sizes, Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, and X-Large.

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2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force

2011 wilier izoard xpsram force   2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force

With a combined Italian aesthetics and custom tailored component kit, the 2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force is a complete bike that features both style and function. Maximum performance is guaranteed by solid components, including SRAM Force and Mavic K10 Wheelset.

Designed with full carbon monocoque construction, the Izoard XP is built exclusively from Toray carbon. It is standard to have it with a Wilier Monocoque carbon fork with an aluminum steerer. The bike has an English bottom bracket, a 31.6mm seatpost, and a 34.9mm clamp on front derailleur.

Named after the most legendary pass in the French Alps, the Col d’Izoard, the 2011 Wilier Izoard XP/SRAM Force is one great complete bike. Available in white/red, the bike comes in six sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large.

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2011 SRAM/Truvativ X0 MRP Chainguide

2011 sramtruvativ x0 mrp chainguide   2011 SRAM/Truvativ X0 MRP Chainguide

SRAM and Truvativ have officially joined forces to create a new set of chain guides called the 2011 SRAM/Truvavtiv XO MRP Chainguide.

This first generation chain guide will boast of a DH-style type SRAM XO guide as well as a skidplate design with a lightweight aluminum backplate as well as lower and upper chain guides, which also includes a sealed bearing pulley to provide full chain retention.

With the help of an adjustable pulley, riders can also set these chain guides into either a 32-36T or 36-40T setting.

These chain guides are also available in various mounting standards, including BB-Mount, ISCG or ISCG 05. No price has been announced as of the moment but we’ll keep you posted as soon as more details become available….

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2011 Litespeed M1 SRAM Apex Road Bike

2011 litespeed m1 sram apex road bike   2011 Litespeed M1 SRAM Apex Road Bike

New from Litespeed this 2011 is a road bike called M1 SRAM Apex. Combined to make the bike a reliable machine for road rides is the 3K unidirectional monocoque carbon weave frame and the new SRAM Apex component gruppo.

The major features of the said road bike are the box section bottom bracket that allows for vital power transfer and a flattened shaped downtube that enhances aerodynamics. While a taller head tube offers added comfort, the slightly longer wheelbase offers better stability when descending rapidly.

Riders are given a built-in option for a more upright position, thanks to the taller head tube. Aside from being comfortable, sleek, and stable, the 2011 Litespeed M1 SRAM Apex Road Bike is also very speedy and efficient.

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