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2011 SR Suntour Epicon 29er Fork

2011 sr suntour epicon 29er fork   2011 SR Suntour Epicon 29er Fork

The Epicon 29er fork is SR Suntour‘s offer for 2011. It comes in 100mm and 80mm together with a 15mm Q-Loc through axle. The lower is made with a magnesium monocoque through axle design that guarantees a lightweight yet durable suspension.

The 29er fork has taper wall aluminum stanchions with a gold anodized finish and air cartridges to shave off weight. For easy tune up, the Epicon has a circlip inside the damper cartridge. This knob lets you tune the fork with increments of 5mm and 10mm (change from 80mm to 85mm or 100mm to 90mm).

With an air pressure adjust, remote lock out and rebound adjust, the Epicon 29er fork weighs 1850g.

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2011 SR Suntour Durolux RCA Fork

2011 sr suntour durolux rca fork 200x300   2011 SR Suntour Durolux RCA ForkFor 2011, SR Suntour unveils its long travel single crown fork, the Durolux RCA. It features a 20mm Q-LOC axle system and has magnesium lowers. The Durolux RCA fork comes in travel options of 140mm, 160mm and 180mm.

It has taperwall aluminum stanchions and uses a two piston design. The dual piston works for compression and rebound. The SR Suntour Durolux RCA fork has adjustable damping system and the two pistons have a shim stack for controlled high speed damping.

You won’t find any plastic on the fork. There’s an adjustable low speed compression which can manage brake drive. This will also allow you to control the fork when setting up for corners and rebounds at the bottom of the fork leg. The right leg of the SR Suntour Durolux RCA fork holds a cartridge for damping oil containment.

Source: PinkBike

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2011 SR Suntour Axon RC Fork

2011 sr suntour axon rc fork   2011 SR Suntour Axon RC Fork

Axon RC is SR Suntour best suspension fork, and for 2011 they will release it with monocoque carbon fiber. Comparing to last years model, the 2011 SR Suntour Axon RC Fork losses 130 grams.

Using a 15mm thru axle, the SR Suntour 2011 RC weighs 1,539 grams. You have the option of running 80mm or 100mm of travel, and is best suited for cross country riding where front suspension is needed. Due to the carbon lowers, they will only fit with SR 150QLOC titanium 15mm thru-axles.

The 2011 Axon RC uses 32mm aluminum upper stanchions, hollow forged alloy crown plus allow steerer tube, you can also get a tapered configuration. A modified air spring gives it better downhill performance, while the new damper cartridges are tuned to comply with the air springs.

As of now, the retail price is unknown, but will hit retailers March 2011.

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SR Suntour The Messenger Single Ring Chainset

sr suntour the messenger single ring chainset   SR Suntour The Messenger Single Ring Chainset

SR Suntour will launch a new single speed and fixed gear single ring chainset known as The Messenger. Tim Fischer, SR Suntour’s manager stated that the SR Suntour The Messenger Single Ring Chainset is in response to the growing popularity of single speed and fixie riders, adding that you won’t have to spend a small fortune on the chainset (retail price is $90.00). Constructed of alloy and weighs in at 650 grams, and is available in silver, gloss white, and gloss black. Available towards the end of January 2010.

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