pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team Milrams Sponsor to Pull Out after 2010

team milrams sponsor to pull out after 2010   Team Milrams Sponsor to Pull Out after 2010

Team Milram’s sponsor, German dairy company Milram, has said that they are not likely to renew their mutual contract after it expires at the end of 2010. “As things currently stand, a renewal of the contract is not something we’re considering,” said Godja Soennichsen, Milram spokeswoman. One reason could be the doping controversy, which is leading to a decline in cycling interest in Germany. Or, it could be the economy. Or both. Gerry van Gerwen, the team’s chief, says that he will fight to try and find a German sponsor. “Germany is such a big country, and it’s bang in the middle of Europe,” he said. Team Milram will begin the 2010 season with a 24-man roster.

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