pinit fg en rect gray 20   Yale Creates Real Life Spokeless Bike

yale creates real life spokeless bike 2   Yale Creates Real Life Spokeless Bike

Those Yale guys have managed to do what the bike manufacturers could not: invent an actual spokeless working bicycle that anyone can ride today. Those other concept bikes you may have seen that purportedly feature hubless wheels? They still remain as concepts the last time we looked.

This bicycle from Yale has no hub, no spokes, and practically nothing else in the middle of the rear wheel. The inventors explained that a similar front wheel was in the works, but they ran out of time during the semester. Designing the front wheel, they added, would even be easier, since they won’t have to factor in the drivetrain.

The Yale inventors posted this description of the drivetrain on Reddit:

It’s a single speed setup. We used two cranks and two bottom brackets in the front to gear up the ratio. It goes from (IIRC) 53 to a 13, which…

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