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2012 Speedplay Syzr Mountain Bike Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Speedplay Syzr Mountain Bike Pedals

2012 speedplay syzr mountain bike pedals   2012 Speedplay Syzr Mountain Bike Pedals

For mountain bike lovers, new pedals called Syzr have been released by Speedplay for 2012. As compared to other pedals from Speedplay, the outer housing used by the Syzr is the same basic material as that of the Zero road pedal and it is stronger than the mountain bike pedal Frog?s.

Like all Speedplay pedals, the Syzr pedal is uniquely designed. Instead of building the infinitely adjustable float in the pedal, it is built into the cleat, making it different from other bike pedal systems. With widely spaced metal tabs, its two-sided design makes the pedaling platform very secure.

Featured by the cleat of the 2012 Speedplay Syzr Mountain Bike Pedals are two pieces along with the outer rotating in order to offer flat. Depending on the rider?s preference, the pedals come with two grub screws so that the available float can be restricted.

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2011 Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium Pedals

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium Pedals

2011 speedplay nanogram zero titanium pedals   2011 Speedplay Nanogram Zero Titanium Pedals

Riders looking for the next best thing after sometime using the Speedplay zero pedals might be interested in getting the pedals’ younger and cooler brother, the 2011 Speedplay Zero Nanogram Titanium Pedals.

Not only does the Zero Nanogram return with the same quality that made the Speedplay Zero a household name in bike pedals, including the low stack height and the cornering capabilities, it’s got some new tricks of its own. The Nanogram lives up to its name in every sense of the word, sporting an amazing 65g per pedal weight. This might have been the main reason why the world’s number 1 pro team, Team CSC/Saxobank picked up this great looking pedal.

With one glance you might say that nothings has been changed between the new Nanogram and the Speedplay Zero but upon further checking, you’ll find that the wrench flats are absent. This is all thanks to the new…

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Speedplay Zero Pedal

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Speedplay Zero Pedal

speedplay zero pedal1   Speedplay Zero Pedal

An important part of bike comfort rests on a rider’s choice of pedals; and the Zero Pedal by Speedplay has much to offer its users in that department. For starters, Speedplay has equipped its pedal with the ability to adjust between a fixed position and 15 degrees of micro-adjustable float. The pedal is accessible in all positions – right side up or upside down – through its double sided symmetrical design. Its sleekness allows for optimum clearance when coming around those sharp corners. Depending on the its material, Zero can range from 70g – 105g in weight. Plenty of colors are available for matching with any bicycle color scheme. MSRP: $135 – $335….

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