pinit fg en rect gray 20   Redfish Bike Computer + Speedometer + Bell All in One

redfish bike computer speedometer bell   Redfish Bike Computer + Speedometer + Bell All in One

We know the big brand for bike computer like Garmin, Sigma Sport and Cateye, but what may go under the radar is Redfish, which has debut a computer, speedometer, and bell all in one!

Redfish designed the speedometer for urban cycling, using higher quality yet vintage looking leather, brushed metal and a retro dial gauge. Within the face is a clock, gauge showing the speed you are traveling, and a lever on the side that can tell you the total of miles traveled, or just the commute you are on at the time.

The arm on the side that displays the miles traveled, if pulled down will ring the bell. Not a traditional bell, but just a recording.

A wireless magnetic sensor is placed on the fork, with a silicone strap and battery opening. No word on availability just yet.

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