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Specialized Trivent Triathlon Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Trivent Triathlon Shoe

specialized trivent triathlon shoe 300x300   Specialized Trivent Triathlon ShoeThe Trivent Triathlon shoe was a collaborative design between Specialized and the world’s fastest triathlete, Peter Reid. With the use of the Body Geometry technology, the ventilation system in the Trivent functions to keep its users feet dry and cool.

The Trivent has a patented Body Geometry outsole and footbed design. the carbon outsole has chromed fibers that acts as a shield to prevent heat from reaching your feet. The fibers reflects the heat back to the road.

The footbed is perforated to allow easy airflow and the sole is ventilated with an open mesh upper and molded toe. There is also a shoehorn heel pull on the inside of the heel so it can be slipped on and off easily during a race. A wide main strap also does the same.

The Trivent has a 3-bolt cleat pattern that is compatible with Shimano SPD®-SL, Look®, Time®, and Speedplay®. It weighs approximately 590…

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Specialized 2011 Roubaix

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized 2011 Roubaix

specialized 2011 roubaix 300x182   Specialized 2011 RoubaixAt Keystone Resort, Colorado, Specialized launched its 2011 product presentation. Rumors against its product endorser, rider Fabian Cancellara for “mechanical doping” allegedly conspired with Specialized in rigging up 430Watt Duracell battery as an extra booster.

However, the Shimano Di2 electric shifting could be wired to the 2011 Specialized Roubaix bike. Incorporated in its state of the art carbon frame is its electric capacity option.

Specialized engineers added the innovative structure of the frame, making it much stiffer than the added external tweaks of last year. Likewise, for more effective bladder molding, the Zertz was out of the seatstay. In addition, the new top tube is wide enough to wrap the head tube. V

The 2011 bike is definitely far much stiffer than its forerunner with a 56cm frame weighing 965 grams while last year’s version was 1,064 grams. “Getting rid of the flat surfaces may seem minor, but it has a huge effect,”…

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Specialized CruX 2011 Cyclocross Bike

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specialized crux 2011 cyclocross bike   Specialized CruX 2011 Cyclocross BikeThe Specialized Crux cyclocross bike will soon make its way to the market for 2011. The bike shares similarities with Specialized’s other cyclocross bike, the Tricross bikes, but deviates from the Specialized Tricross with its shorter head tube, chainstays and steeper angles.

Made with an alloy frame and internal cable routed through the downtube, the Crux Comp is sleek in its design. Luc Callahan, Specialized engineer says, “We found ’cross racers want their ’cross bike set up similarly to their road bike.” This led to the Crux’s design looking a lot like the Tarmac, Specialized’s top road bike.

The Crux redesigned its fork, making it stiffer and ideal for cyclocross racing. It uses traditional cyclocross features like a flat portion on its frame for shouldering the bike and road-inspired dropbars. The bike comes in carbon and aluminum.

The Crux Comp is cheaper than that of the Tricross, around $2800 retail price, yet…

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Amira S-Works from Specialized

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Amira S Works from Specialized

Amira S Works from Specialized 300x180   Amira S Works from SpecializedThe S-Works Amira road bike by Specialized has an aggressive geometric design and top-shelf spec and is a carbon fiber race bike with a specified size tubing. It is the 2010 new women’s bike by the California Company, Specialized. The bike is specifically created with an integrated S-Works crank and deep-section Royal 45 wheels of Shimano Dura-Ace, weighing 14.7 pounds in a 51cm bike.

The Amira replaces the Ruby, as it is categorized as an endurance road bike; it stays in the line, though. The Ruby has a higher head tube and vibration-damping Zertz inserts in the chainstays and in the fork legs. In comparison, the Amira seat tube tapers from a massive junction at the bottom bracket to a rounder tube at the top tube.

The Amira is available with the new S-Works 52/36 chainrings or with the standard 53/39. It also features the head tube tapers from 1…

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Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel Set

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel Set

specialized roval rapide sl45 road wheel set   Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel SetTalk about wheel sets that can grab attention; the Specialized Roval Rapide SL 45 gives you another stunning new appeal. Bright red bladed spokes, hubs and speedy looking with a 45 mm deep aluminum and carbon rims, this wheel set tops them all.

Luckily, how this wheel set look is also great with their on-the road performance. The aerodynamic carbon cap performs a really good job when it comes to reducing and holding speed. The lateral stiffness is also great taking account on the wide sets of spokes that was designed. The DT Swiss star rachet freehub internal is also reliable when it comes to transferring power.

Because it has a machined alloy, speed is easy to control. The alloy helps in breaking surfaces and also providing strong, predictable bites. This is important when you are on sloped areas along the mountain sides or descending downwards. The durability of…

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Specialized Allez Elite Compact

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allez elite compact   Specialized Allez Elite Compact

If you love adventure, cycling can be one of the recreational sports that you can indulge with. Not only it is a healthy mode of transportation, it also improves proper circulation of the blood, helps develops muscle and increase stamina. But before you get indulge with this exciting recreational activity, you need to invest first on a good bike. Specialized Allez Elite Compact is one of the road bikes that most cyclists drool about.

Allez Elite Compact is lightweight, efficient and can be handled precisely. Its frame is Specialized E5 aluminum, fully manipulated tubing, smooth weld compact race design, and has a FACT carbon seatstays. The fork has carbon fiber legs, aluminum crown and steerer. Meanwhile the mindset features 1-1/8″ integrated threadless, steel cage bearings, 20mm alloy cone with one 10mm and two 5mm alloy spacers. 

For the stem, it is a Specialized Comp-Set, 3D forged alloy, 4-position adjustable, 4-bolt 31.8mm clamp….

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Voluntary Recall for Specialized Bikes

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voluntary recall for specialized bikes 1 300x200   Voluntary Recall for Specialized BikesSpecialized Bicycle Components issues a recall of some 1,350 the Epic 26-inch and Era 26-inch mountain bikes. This voluntary recall was made in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. It was found out that the shock absorber mount was breakable and when it does, it can come close to the wheel spokes. Should this happen, the rider might fall, making this a safety hazard the company did not foresee.

Consumers should immediately contact the nearest Specialized dealer for free repairs.

Ever since the release of the two bike models, there has been no incident of injury due to the mountain bike’s component failure reported to Specialized. The company is proactively taking measures to address the problem since November 2009.

Specialized immediately sent replacement parts to all in-stock bikes of its dealers to update the models to the new seatstay upgrade.

The affected models for this voluntary recall involve…

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