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Specialized Beanie

specialized beanie   Specialized Beanie

A regular cap won’t keep your head and ears warm during these warm winter months. For that job, you need a beanie. The Specialized Beanie is black, knitted to keep in the warmth while maintaining a nice, clean style. It also features a bill in the front, with a red Specialized “S” logo tag in the front. You can purchase the Specialized Beanie and keep your head warm for $25 at the Specialized online shop….

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Specialized Miura Road Optics

specialized miura road optics   Specialized Miura Road Optics

The Specialized Miura Road Optics, available in both photochromic and non-photochromic non-shifting Dark-State NXT lenses, are the perfect fit for the ProTour cyclist or just the occasional rider. The adaptalite lenses automatically adjust to existing light conditions, which can be of big help when the clouds are shifting in and out. The lenses also feature a unique filter which makes red colors brighter for enhanced safety. The frames are made with molded grilimid, making them strong and durable. You can purchase the Specialized Miura Road Optics at the Specialized online store for $90 to $145….

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Specialized Argali Wool Jersey

specialized argali wool jersey   Specialized Argali Wool Jersey

The Specialized Argali Wool Jersey is somewhat of a throwback for cyclists with a vintage look. It is made from a sportswool blend with 40% Merino combines the classic wool look with the technology of now. Its polyester yarns are hydrophopic, helping to wick water away. The Specialized Argali Wool Jersey has three back pockets for you to store little things. Purchase the Specialized Argali Wool Jersey at the Specialized online store for $140….

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Alberto Contador Signs Individual Contract with Specialized

alberto contador signs individual contract with specialized   Alberto Contador Signs Individual Contract with Specialized

Two-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador is yet to work out a deal with Astana, as they still do not have a ProTour license for 2010. However, it has been reported that Contador has signed a personal contract with Specialized, worth 700,000 Euros, says La Gazzetta dello Sport. The deal is individual, but it is possible that Astana will follow suit and also sign a deal with Specialized, who provides bikes for Quick Step and Saxo Bank. The UCI is expected to announce on Friday the decision on Astana’s ProTour license. Fran Contador, Alberto’s brother and manager, says that it is possible that Alberto may stay with Astana for longer than one year. Contador is also working on bringing Ivan Basso to the team, who will be available to join in 2011.

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Specialized Rocca Locking Grips

specialized rocca locking grips   Specialized Rocca Locking Grips

The Specialized Rocca Locking Grips are made for Mountain Biking, and since they feature a larger profile you can expect shock to be absorbed but still soft for your hands. When Specialized created the Rocca Locking Grips, they made sure the pattern discouraged slipping, while the improved locking clamp will make sure you don’t have an accident due to the grips coming off. Available in white, black, or natural for $30.

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Specialized BG Team Silence-Lotto Glove

specialized bg team silence lotto glove   Specialized BG Team Silence Lotto Glove

This Body Geometry glove from specialized is featured here in a Silence-Lotto team color way. Not only does it look like a ProTour glove, it is made to perform like one too. They feature a BG gel pad to reduce numbness in the hand while riding, by relieving pressure on the ulnar nerve. A micromatrix synthetic leather palm that is soft and durable. A cool feature of the Specialized BG Team Silence-Lotto Glove is the microwipe thumb for getting sweat out of your face. The Specialized BG Team Silence-Lotto Glove can be purchased at the Specialized online store for $35….

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Specialized Tarzo Road Optics

specialized tarzo road optics   Specialized Tarzo Road Optics

These Specialized Tarzo Road Optics do more than just protect your eyes – they look good too. They are available in both Adaptalite Photocromic NXT lenses, which adapt themselves to light conditions, or darkened NXT lenses. There are unique filters in the lenses that make the color red brighter for extra safety. They are lightweight and shatter-proof with the molded Grilimid frames. A molded megol nose piece and ear tabs help the Specialized Tarzo Road Optics sit comfortably on the face. The Specialized Tarzo Road Optics are available at the Specialized online store for $95 to $125….

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