pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized SHIV Tandem Concept Bike

specialized shiv tandem concept bike1   Specialized SHIV Tandem Concept BikeThe Specialized SHIV Tandem concept is sure to attract onlookers with its race appeal. Its carbon curves dressed intricately in fast colors, Specialized branding, and high-end components alone, have sparked discussions throughout social media channels across the web.

The tandem before you is a derivative of the Specialized 2010 SHIV time trial bike. It was Conrad Stoltz, the Xterra triathlete, who spotted it as he roamed the Specialized headquarters building.

These photos (additional photos after the jump) illustrate a few notable traits that add to the tandem’s uniqueness. First off, every detail that went into the bike was integrated with the intent to help minimize wind resistance. SRAM carbon deep V rims can also be seen, among other components.

Though not a practical ride for all cyclists who ride tandem, the Specialized SHIV Tandem concept bike, at the very least, goes for a pleasing stare.

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