pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano MO77 SPD Shoes

Shimano MO77 SPD Shoes   Shimano MO77 SPD Shoes

The new Shimano MO77 SPD Shoes are a perfect complement for even the most nit-picky rider.

It offers great comfort and at the same time protects your feet from the harsh elements that you might encounter along the road. It is made of synthetic leather and a special mesh and also features a fiberglass reinforced polymide midsole plate, making it even harder to penetrate your midsoles while riding on rough terrain.

While a bit pricier compared to other SPD shoes out on the market right now with a price tag of $99.99, the brand Shimano itself is a bankable enough name for you to trust, especially since the manufacturers took the time to work on other unique kinks on this special off-road shoe including putting a durable rubber thread to help with walking and traction and at the same time continued comfort.

What is really impressive about the new Shimano MO77…

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