pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts

2011 solo lugged bib shorts   2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts

While it is a quite pricey cycling garment, the 2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts are undoubtedly of top-notch quality. Between the bib section and the lowers are swoops and points that are similar to the lugs on a traditional frame.

Strong performance is guaranteed by its chamois, an Aero Sotto pad from the Italian Teosport that has 4mm-deep foam. Ventilation is enhanced by air channels and perforations. The seamless garment avoids chafing and comfort which is guaranteed by the soft microfiber face fabric.

Other features include a good quality nylon/spandex mix lowers and a very lightweight mesh bib section. A top-quality garment with an excellent chamois, the 2011 Solo Lugged Bib Shorts provides uncompromising comfort on the saddle during a whole day ride.

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