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2011 Colnago iPad App

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Colnago iPad App

2011 colnago ipad app   2011 Colnago iPad App

Colnago can now be accessed from the iPad through an application created by Future plc. The free iPad app can be downloaded for free through iTunes. It shows the history of Colnago with spectacular photos and bits of trivia.

The iPad app also features the technology behind the success of Colnago bicycles. The 2011 bike models are placed on the tip of your fingers, up close and personal. The Colnago C59 Italia is only one among the many bikes this software offers. The gallery of photos includes the Bbox team caught in action on the road or on different tours plus different bikes throughout the years.

The 2011 Colnago iPad App is only 300 MB and requires iOS 3.2 or later version.

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TrailZilla App

pinit fg en rect gray 20   TrailZilla App

trailzilla app 300x193   TrailZilla AppMemory-Map releases its latest GPS, trail-making application called the TrailZilla. Aimed to cater to all outdoor enthusiasts who wants to record and share trails with the rest of the world, this new online media is the answer.

TrailZilla lets you find trails and best routes through your GPS. Once registered, you can upload your own trails and routes and share it with the community. The trails archived include activities by bike, on foot, on water, winter sports, fishing, driving, by air and even fishing routes.

The website uses Google Maps which includes satellite and terrain topography. You can also rate other people’s trails or routes and have others rate the ones you uploaded as well. This social interaction option can give you insight on which trails are best and which ones to avoid.

TrailZilla is free but you can get premium maps for a price. The premium maps would depend on your…

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VeloComputer Sensor V3.6

pinit fg en rect gray 20   VeloComputer Sensor V3.6

velocomputer sensor v3 6   VeloComputer Sensor V3.6

The innovative wheel sensor technology producer SoundOfMotion has introduced the VeloComputer Bluetooth bicycle Sensor Version 3.6 of its series of 1 degree precision this July 2010. The sensor is meant to be mounted on a rear wheel along the chainstay of a bike to inclusively accommodate the wheel and pedal strokes sensors set into one component. It has a 1 degree accuracy and cadence during pedal operation. It uses the classic Bluetooth 2.0 in sending cycling data to the VeloComputer mobile application.

The sensor reacts to a magnetic field from a magnet installed to the wheel and transmits the angle of rotation with a 1 degree precision and accuracy. Amplifying the magnetic field are two smaller magnets mounted on opposites sides of a wheel maintaining balance. This makes SoundOfMotion far more advance than any traditional cycling computers.

With its 1 degree accuracy, the latency is reduced to less than a…

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AlpineSport App for Android SmartPhones

pinit fg en rect gray 20   AlpineSport App for Android SmartPhones

alpinesport app for android smartphones 180x300   AlpineSport App for Android SmartPhonesAlpineSport is the latest application from SoundofMotion which is created for Android Smartphones. The new which you can download for free is a mobile application that targets users who likes to keep track of their trips and jaunts in alpine sports (mountain bicycling, snowboarding alpine and cross-country skiing) from their Android phones.

AlpineSport features GPS and accelerometer to give you real time data on cadence, strides, G-forces and air time. The application also measures speed, time, distance, altitude, climb, drop and other relevant information for the active athlete. Sharing of your performance data and other information is easy by uploading the CSV file online and through Twitter.

Mapping, route sharing and tracking are some of the functions of AlpineSport. The application also makes use of audible feedback technology so you won’t need to look at your phone’s display for information. You can even personalize this function to your own choice of…

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Sigma Sport Data Center 2.0 Bicycle Software

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sigma Sport Data Center 2.0 Bicycle Software

data center 2 0 software 300x207   Sigma Sport Data Center 2.0 Bicycle SoftwareSigma Sport brings the updated Data Center bicycle software to Version 2.0. The new software allows you to transfer data from your bike computer to your PC easily. The Data Center 2.0 software has functions which can analyze and evaluate your trip. It then gives you a report on your training’s progress.

To be used with Topline 2009 and ROX bike computers, the Data Center 2.0 features illustrations like graphs, charts and tables to give you a clear view of your bike rides. The integrated statistics is there to give you a comprehensive analysis on trails, routes, speed and distance.

The Data Center 2.0 software is compatible with MAC OS X and Windows. Simple to use, you can avail of the new version for $11.99.

Windows system requirements
Pentium® 4 2 GHz or higher, 1GB RAM
Windows 7, Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, Enterprise (incl. 64-Bit), Windows XP SP 2 or…

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Bike Doctor iPhone App

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Doctor iPhone App

bike doctor iphone app   Bike Doctor iPhone AppBike Doctor is the latest cycling application which shows you how to repair a bicycle part from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Created to quelch that fear of not knowing what to do should your bicycle break down, the Bike Doctor shows you all the things you need to know to make sure your ride is kept in working order.

The application is simple and easy to use. You simply point to the bike part you want to repair and the software gives you step-by-step instructions to follow. It even gives you the list of tools you need to use in repair. It is good to note that the tools needed are mostly your basic cycling repair and maintenance tools.

The new application provides different repair and maintenance routines like how to keep your bike lubricated to how to adjust the rear derailleur.

Beginners in the sport will truly appreciate…

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Tour de France iPhone Pop Quiz

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tour de France iPhone Pop Quiz

tour de france iphone pop quiz 200x300   Tour de France iPhone Pop QuizJust in time for the Tour de France: A new pop quiz application was developed by Ron Cyger for Apple iPhone/iPod Touch. The KnowPro Tour de France quiz is a software designed to test how much knowledge you have when it comes to the famed race.

The application is based on facts, history, personalities and racers involved in the most celebrated race in the cycling arena. It allows for more than a hundred questions on the Tour. You can personalize the application depending on the number of questions you want to answer and on the level of difficulty.

Sample trivia questions are:
“Who was the first rider from Holland to win the polka-dot jersey?”
“how many stages were in the first Tour de France?”

The KnowPro Tour de France Pop Quiz application costs $1.99 and will take up 15.2 MB space on your iPhone or iPod. You can buy the application here.

Cyger has been…

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