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Mission Workshop SPD Sneakers

mission workshop spd sneakers   Mission Workshop SPD Sneakers

Mission Workshop shoes their new sneaker, with the looks of something you can wear everyday, but is actually a SPD cleat. As a matter of fact, you can wear the Mission Workshop SPD Sneakers out on the town, in offices, and pretty much anywhere. Due to the recessed cleat, you can also wear the Mission Workshop SPD with toeclips. As of now, retail and release date is not known.

Source: Prolly is not Probably

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We The People Will Release Sneakers – Almond

we the people release sneakers almond   We The People Will Release Sneakers   Almond

We the People is known for their BMX bikes, and is quite popular, but the company is pushing the bar and is getting ready to release BMX sneakers under the name Almond. This project has been kept under wraps for sometime, and finally we have a preview of whats to come. As of now, no information on release or retail is known, but the first model to release features red and grey, and is made up of suede. We can imagine since the bikes are strong, the sneakers will last as well.

Source: Defgrip

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Vans x Brooks Saddles

vans brooks saddles   Vans x Brooks Saddles

Apart of the Vans has hooked up with Brooks Saddles for a special release of the Syndicates, which is apart of the Vans Vault collection. Using a simple color scheme of black and brown which matches nicely with the Brooks saddle. It is also said that Vans will also release a collaborative shoe with Filson and Pendleton in 2010. If the Vans are constructed anything like Brooks Saddles, you know they will hold up against any type of trauma.

Source: Zlog

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Duffs 4130 Lo 2010 Sneakers

duffs 4130 lo 2010 sneakers   Duffs 4130 Lo 2010 Sneakers

The Duffs 4130 Lo 2010 Sneakers are durable and specially made for riding. The upper is made with quality leather and suede, with a perforated toe box for ventilation. The midsole is soft and flexible, and the outsole is made with soft rubber and offers better feedback. The rubber outsoles grip the pedal pins whether its wet or dry out, so you can still train in not-so-good weather conditions. The heel is cushioned to provide protection for foot slams. The Duffs 4130 Lo 2010 Sneakers retail for $81.46.

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