pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 S&M BTM Mike Hoder Signature Frame

2011 sm btm mike hoder signature frame   2011 S&M BTM Mike Hoder Signature Frame

Introducing the 2011 S&M BTM Mike Hoder Signature Frame. The 2011 BTM has hit retailers across the globe. The best way to describe the frame is “a beefy street frame”.

If you’ve watched Mike Hoder ride, you know a strong frame is needed. Both parties came together to create the sturdy 2011 S&M BTM bmx street frame. Three sizes are available: 20.75 (4.65 lbs), 21 (4.675 lbs), and 21.25 (4.678 lbs).

The frame is constructed of butted true temper SuperTherm tubing, 11.5″ bottom bracket, and 8.75″ standover. Even with the bigger rear end, the 2011 S&M BTM will fit a 2.3 tire and 32 sprocket.

Available in translucent gold, translucent green, and translucent black, all colorways feature a raw finish. Retail price is $369.

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