pinit fg en rect gray 20   S&M 2011 Intrikat Flatland Frame

sm 2011 intrikat flatland frame   S&M 2011 Intrikat Flatland Frame

If you trace back exactly 10 years ago, you might remember the birth of the Sabbath frame from S&M bikes, an infamous flatland frame that gave the game a more American taste. And today, Sean Mckinney and Chad Johnston have once again created a masterpiece, which they say is the long awaited child of the Sabbath frameā€”the Intrikat flatland frame is born.

Intrikat frame, weighing 4.28 lbs with a seat post of 25.4mm, comes with an integrated head tube of 41.8mm drilled for gyro tabs with a new shield engraved. Built with a reliable tubeset in butted true temper and Supertherm tubing, this frame is sure to fit your flatland riding style….

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