pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Stanton Slackline Hardtail Frame

2011 stanton slackline hardtail frame   2011 Stanton Slackline Hardtail Frame

Stanton Bikes has introduced the Slackline, a multipurpose all-mountain hardcore hardtail frame for 2011. With a strong 4X/Slalom influence, the design of the frame offers both great style and reliable performance in any riding conditions.

With its superb vibration damping and controlling properties, the tubing used in creating the Slackline is perfect. A combined direct and controlled ride and super strength is achieved through the carefully chosen internal tubing diameters with butting used in specific areas of the frame.

The key feature of the 2011 Stanton Slackline Hardtail Frame design is its directional flex control. Riders can fit their preferred style by altering their weight placement and the frame angles for every discipline. Very versatile, the Slackline is designed to tackle any discipline and style.

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