pinit fg en rect gray 20   SkullyBoom SB1

skully boom sb1   SkullyBoom SB1

The SB1 Boombox from SkullyBoom makes a sound return to the limelight. For those that are curious, the SB1 is a portable amplified speaker system that works great with just about any audio device like your iPod or iPhone.

This gadget will definitely be enjoyed by audiophiles who want to listen to their music while riding their city bike. On the plus side, it also looks cool.

The SkullyBoom SB1 features a high quality speaker that provides that extra boom for its listener. It’s also got its own built-in amplifier and ruggedized housing and sports a belt clip. They run a lithium-ion battery.

Finally, you can also get the SB1 in various colors, including DIY White, Dr. X Black, Laz-E Blue, Buggin’ Purple, Meany Greenie and Squinty Pink.

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