pinit fg en rect gray 20   Puma Bikes x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk

puma bikes size trainerspotter funk   Puma Bikes x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk

Size? and Trainerspotter will release two bikes in collaboration with Puma. The model used in the collaboration is the Funk.

The Puma x Size? x Trainerspotter Funk celebrates the release of the Puma Sky II Hi sneakers. Furthering the celebration, the sneakers were released for Size?’s 10 year anniversary.

Both models used are the Puma Funk. Size? and Trainerspotter have their own edition of the Funk that is inspired by the the TV series Miami Vice.

Trainerspotter Puma Funk uses gray pastel paint, with a mixture of mint and pink on the rims and tires. The bike captures Sonny Crockett’s flamboyant style. Crockett is known for wearing pastel cotton t-shirts with Hugo Boss and Versace suits.

Size?’s Puma Funk is a bit less flashy, but still maintains the Miami theme and the classic style Size? is known for. Besides the obvious differences in colors, Size? also flipped…

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