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2012 SixSixOne Filter Mountain Bike Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 SixSixOne Filter Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 sixsixone filter mountain bike shoes   2012 SixSixOne Filter Mountain Bike Shoes

One of the popular cycling shoes for 2012 for mountain bike riders is the new Filter from SixSixOne. In order to not only meet the mountain bike industry standards but also exceed them, SixSixOne has upped their product development to the next level, which includes the creation of the Filter mountain bike shoes.

Like any other products from SixSixOne, the Filter guarantees unparalleled quality, thanks to the latest technology integrated by the 661 designers. Excellent protection and comfort are offered by its nice details, such as its synthetic upper and adjustable lace keeper.

With excellent aesthetics and quality, the 2012 SixSixOne Filter Mountain Bike Shoes is the perfect footwear for the serious mountain bike rider. Its skate-style sole works perfectly with flat or clipless pedals and its nylon shank integrates a cleat insert.

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2011 SixSixOne Filter SPD Mountain Bike Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SixSixOne Filter SPD Mountain Bike Shoes

2011 sixsixone filter spd mountain bike shoes   2011 SixSixOne Filter SPD Mountain Bike Shoes

SixSixOne has created one of the most stylish mountain bike shoes for 2011 called the Filter SPD. This pair of stylish MTB shoes features a beautiful sharp skate shoe styling, and it can be used with or without SPD style pedals. It is available in beautiful black and white versions.

Aside from its nice style, the Filter SPD offers cycling comfort as well. Off the bike, comfort is enhanced by the internal midsole, which is tapered. In order to keep the rider’s laces secure, the shoes provide a removable single overstrap. It also has a non-marking gum rubber outsole.

Stylish and comfortable, the 2011 SixSixOne Filter SPD Shoes are an excellent choice for professional and amateur riders alike. No wonder the Filter SPD is the chosen cycling shoes of the 2011 UCI DH World Champion, Gee Atherton.

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2011 Sixsixone Fenix Flash Bike Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Sixsixone Fenix Flash Bike Helmet

2011 sixsixone fenix flash bike helmet   2011 Sixsixone Fenix Flash Bike Helmet

Designed for style, performance and function, the 2011 SixSixOne Fenix Flash Helmet is ideal for mountain biking. Thanks to its special and unique features, including an extremely protective EPS, Kevlar carbon fiber glass shell, and three large external intakes.

What enhances root protection, safety and comfort is the wider and longer chin bar. While enhancing peripheral vision, the innovative wide goggle port makes the goggles seat better to the rider’s face. For better ventilation, the helmet features a large stylish mouth vent air intake.

For optimal head comfort, the 2011 SixSixOne Fenix Flash Bike Helmet features molded rubber eye port vents that channel air in through to the forehead. Moisture is absorbed efficiently, thanks to the strap liners, cheek pads and a removable and washable Savior comfort liner.

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2011 661 ReCon Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 661 ReCon Helmet

2011 661 recon   2011 661 ReCon Helmet

Designed to be a mountain bike helmet, the 2011 661 Recon helmet allows for fewer components and has a 303g weight.

The helmet features a rear extended coverage, which was specifically designed to have a Moto profile. Everything is held down by a Detox fit system that can be easily adjusted.

Ventilation and airflow isn’t an issue with the help of 18 intake vents designed around the helmet that keeps your head cool. Meanwhile, active ventilation is done within the helmet thanks to the smart internal channeling placed inside the helmet.

An optional removable moto inspired visor is also part of the package, which is completed by matte finished graphics coupled with an adjustable nylon strap system and a quick release buckle closure.

The 2011 661 ReCon Helmet is currently priced at $102.00. …

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SixSixOne Raji Gloves

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SixSixOne Raji Gloves

raji gloves by sixsixone   SixSixOne Raji GlovesEvery motocross or mountain biker need some full gear to protect them, even as simple as their hands. So here’s a simple yet highly functional hand glove from SixSixOne called Raji gloves. These gloves are perfect for those who are wanting to warm up their hands each time they set out for a ride.

Its design being without the usual day glow logos and some molded rubber makes it all the more perfect for the street style outfit any cyclist might find very cool to wear. It won’t surely make you look like you are some new member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

These Raji gloves from SixSixOne has breathable and synthetic fabric on the top portion and on the thumb portion is made out of terrycloth. Its palm is just simply padded at a minimal amount. Their design for these gloves has been somehow upgraded from the synthetic…

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