pinit fg en rect gray 20   Impakt Sidehack BMX Bike by Hyper Bike Co

impakt sidehack by hyper bike co   Impakt Sidehack BMX Bike by Hyper Bike Co

On an episode of “Fantasy Factor”, a MTV show starring Rob Dyrdek, Dyrdek and his former business partner DJGrey sought out to reproduce a BMX bike known as the Impakt Sidehack. Hyper Bike Co. specced this retro BMX classic with high-performance steel, made to withstand a beating at the bike-park or a casual cruise for others. The tandem BMX bike will come with a brake cable rotor for your 360 degree bar-spin needs, a modern BMX design, and of course room for the “pilots” buddy, the “monkey” as it’s termed. A release date hasn’t been announced a this point, but the Sidehack will be made available at Walmart for $259 when it drops.

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