pinit fg en rect gray 20   Sage Brush Wins for Sawicki and Taberlay

sage brush wins sawicki taberlay   Sage Brush Wins for Sawicki and Taberlay

The first Kenda Cup race began with a wet start and ended with a sunny victory for Sid Taberlay and Pua Sawicki. Both garnered first place for the men’s and women’s pro fields, repeating their 2009 triumphs at the Sage Brush Safari.

The event that took place last Sunday was Kenda’s first for their US Cup/Kenda Cup 2010. Other winners on the pro men’s division are Jeremiah Bishop of CFR and Manny Prado of Sho-Air/Specialized. For the pro women’s division, runners up were Allison Mann of Rock N Road Cyclery and Niner/Ergon’s Rebecca Tomaszewski.

The pro men’s field made up of 32 strong cyclists started ahead by one minute over the women. However, due to the rain, the pro field ran a loop lower than it was intended twice. This gave Sawicki the lead to catch up with the mn and finished 14th in the overall standings.

The Kenda Cups are deemed to…

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