pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shorty Fatz 8 Series Custom Bikes

shorty fatz 8 series custom bikes   Shorty Fatz 8 Series Custom Bikes

Shorty Fatz creates custom bikes in San Jose, CA. One of his offerings is the 8 series.

The Shorty Fatz 8 Series can be customized for fixed gear riding or single speed commuting. Quality goes into every product as the frame is 4130 Chromoly and made in the USA. Stock colors are white, yellow, black, and raw finish, but the colors are almost endless if you choose the custom package.

Each 8 Series comes with a Phil Wood Half link eccentric shell. What this does is it allows the bottom bracket to be easily tightened or loosened with an Allen wrench.

Available as a frame only, starting at $875. For a complete build pricing starts at $1,760.

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