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Shimano 2011 Road shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano 2011 Road shoes

shimano 2011 road shoes 1 300x187   Shimano 2011 Road shoesShimano reveals its 2011 road shoes with models R315, R133, R106, R087 and R077. These new models will be released in September.

For the R087, not many changes were made from its older model, the R086. It still has a fiberglass reinforced nylon sole which you can use for three bolt and two bolt cleats. The graphics on the upper is now of flowing lines. The RO87 retails for £79.99.

The R077 only differs from the R076 on the graphics. The fiberglass sole and triple hook-and-loop closure is still used and the price remains the same, £69.99.

The R315 features Rovenica ultra-fine synthetic fabric upper material. The holes for ventilation are sized bigger than its older model the R310. It costs £269.99.

A new ratchet style for closure is one of the R106’s features. With fiberglass reinforced composite sole and amazing graphics, it costs £109.99.

The R133 comes with a multi-layer…

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Vaude Placid RC Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vaude Placid RC Shoes

vaude placid rc shoes   Vaude Placid RC Shoes

Vaude initial release of cycling shoes was a success, and now they are furthering the collection with the new Placid RC mountain bike shoes.

The first launch from Vaude on a mountain bike shoe was in the Spring of 2009, and Peter Sontheimer department manager of Vaude Bikes said “Our initiation into the highly competitive bike shoe market was successful and we are happy to report that all seven models found their place on the market. This has motivated us to continue developing the collection.” Fast forward, Vaude is ready to release the new Placid RC.

When your out tearing the mountains up, or trails, you want a shoe that is well ventilated, and with the Vaude Placid RC, mesh materials are used for your feet to breathe on these hot days. All Vaude cycling shoes, including the Placid RC feature a three layer construction on the uppers,…

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Bont Sub-10 Triathlon Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bont Sub 10 Triathlon Shoes

bont sub 10 triathlon shoes 300x290   Bont Sub 10 Triathlon ShoesBont Cycling brings you the triathlon shoe that offers optimal stiffness and performance called the Bont Sub-10. The shoe features a unique hand layup with pressure wrap to give you a moldable shoe that is light yet stiff.

The chassis material is from a monocoque fiberglass base and the shoe is painted with an epoxy thermoset resin. It is heat moldable so you can easily customize the shoe. The upper material uses a white matte microfiber while the lining is a non-porous microfiber.

The Bont Sub-10 weighs 275 grams with a single action Velcro system for a swifter transition. It also has a 3-hole look configuration for cleat mounting and memory foam for padding. The Sub-10 has 40 air vents covering the front of the shoe and on both sides of the arch area.

Retail price is $178.95.

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Northwave Tribute Triathlon Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Northwave Tribute Triathlon Shoe

tribute triathlon shoe from northwave 300x210   Northwave Tribute Triathlon ShoeItalian manufacturer Northwave adds to its special line a triathlon shoe called the Tribute. It is made with a ST 7:5 carbon composite sole and two straps to allow quick access and security. The upper has mesh inserts with the soft Lorica material.

Once you have the shoe open, the strap can be set aside with another Velcro, to keep it from flapping back to the front of your shoe. It has a large-sized heel loop which is a must-have for easy pulling in or removal of the shoe during transitions.

The Tribute has the Omega heel that allows excellent grip which keeps you stable when you run and ride. There are rear air vents and a rubber heel which is replaceable. The Performance Pro footbed makes an arch inside the shoe to maximize potential power transferred from your foot to the pedal.

Retail price is $123.00.

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Shimano RT81 Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano RT81 Shoes

shimano rt81 shoes   Shimano RT81 ShoesThe upper mesh of Shimano RT81 Shoes is made from a combined competition-style mesh and leather panel. Adding a slim line which is designed to accept the SPD-style twin-bolt steel cleats and to permit a much comfier walking, the new Shimano RT 81 looks like custom-made for the heavy demands of cycling sport riding.

Performance is not really the priority with this kind of shoes though, rather this was designed to prioritize the ability or the rider to walk around at the start of the race to the finish making it like regular comfortable shoes only much better to wear and look at.

The outsole of this shoes, works the same way as an mtb sole. The cleats  between the rubber strips sure the rider’s foot place both on the pedal itself. It does the same as well when walking, protecting the cleats sets from the ground.

The RT 81 is…

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Pearl Izumi Barrier GTX Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Pearl Izumi Barrier GTX Shoes

barrier gtx shoes   Pearl Izumi Barrier GTX ShoesIf you love cycling, you should wear a pair of shoes that could withstand frigid temperatures, drifting snow, and unrelenting drizzle and gale force winds, if you don’t have this kind of shoes, it is best to stay at home. But that will not happen if you have Pearl Izumi’s Barrier GTX. This is the no holds barred winter riding shoe. custom assignment writing services

With the special blend of modern shoe technology, Barrier GTX makes it possible to cycle during winter months. With the power plate made of selected Grade Nylon and Composite Fiber plate for lightweight stiffness and durability, you cannot doubt the power it has.

Designed with concave shaping for enhanced plate stiffness and anatomic support; and built in Longitudinal Arch Support for optimal support, power, and efficiency, these integrated attributes make it worth the investment.

Additionally, it has Gore Tex® lining for waterproof protection and 200 grams 3M…

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Shimano SH-R160G Carbon Road Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano SH R160G Carbon Road Shoes

shimano sh r160g carbon road shoe   Shimano SH R160G Carbon Road ShoesIt is highly important that you have a reliable pair of shoes that would not easily wear out especially if you are a very active person. To consider not only durability but also stylishly designed and offers maximum comfort, you may have a few options of shoes available in the market. But there is nothing to worry about. Shimano SH-R160G Carbon Road Shoe could be just the pair of shoes that you are looking for.

Shimano SH-R160G Carbon Road Shoe is rigid, stable and lightweight making the wearer feel comfortable and having anatomical fit. With its striking looks, you will absolutely look good and fashionable in this pair of shoes.

This premium racing shoe has curved anatomical last provides a natural shoe-to-foot interface. Durable, anti-slip lining puts your heel in the perfect position for maximum energy transfer. Additionally, its stretch-resistant synthetic fibers throughout keep this shoe performing its best/

For personalized comfort, support…

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