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2011 Cinelli x DVS Luster Shoes

2011 cinelli x dvs luster shoes   2011 Cinelli x DVS Luster Shoes

Coming to you this fall 2011, the Cinelli x DVS Luster shoes are created to provide maximum comfort when riding. Perfect for rough rides, the Cinelli x DVS Luster shoes are modified to add a lace-protecting flap at the midfoot. They are built with perforated leather construction with unique details that feature flags on the aglets and collars. Comes in two color schemes to choose from – grey/blue and all-black.

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Five Ten FREERIDER Zebra Shoes

five ten freerider zebra shoes   Five Ten FREERIDER Zebra Shoes

Are you a downhill mountain bike racer? Or a flat pedal rider looking for the latest ultimate performance shoes? If you are, ttake a look at the Five Ten Freerider Zebra Shoes. You might wrongly recognize it as a designer’s shoes because of its exquisite and unique design. Its details are over the top reinforced stitching that comes with protective toe boxes and action leather uppers, which make these shoes the number one choice of the UCI mountain bike World Champions. As the saying goes “Stealth soles stick to pedals like duct tape.” It is made out from synthetic leather material that features Stealth soles. Available in six different sizes, the Five Ten Freerider Zebra Shoes is expected to be out in the market this March 2011.

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Shimano SH-R310 Custom Fit Cycling Shoe

shimano sh r310 custom fit cycling shoe   Shimano SH R310 Custom Fit Cycling Shoe

The Shimano SH-R310 Custom Fit Cycling Shoe provides riders with an improved pedaling power for riders. The help of the carbon fiber outsoles maximizes the transference of energy from the foot to the pedal.

With the aid of the heat moldable technology brings a snug fit for your foot, as well as provides longer lasting comfort for riders who are traveling long distances. The cyclist’s feet will also be well ventilated thanks to the honey comb mesh.

The Shimano SH-RH310 Custom fit cycling shoes are made of synthetic leather as well as a cooling mesh lining and synthetic sole plate. It also sports carbon fiber treads and is cleat compatible. All pairs come with a 1 year warranty from Shimano….

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Five Ten Maltese Falcon Shoes

the new maltese falcon shoes from five ten   Five Ten Maltese Falcon Shoes

Brand new footwear model best for enduro, all mountain and hiking: The Maltese Falcon shoes have thinner yet flexible soles, which makes it more comfortable to use at its max.

The Maltese Falcon shoes are built with a stiff but sensitive midsole for cranking power with an external heel counter that provides more stability for technical maneuvers. Its low-cut, spd-shoe is made best for mountain biking, dirt jumping and BMX.

The Maltese Falcon shoes, is expected to be out on the market this March 2011.

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Teva Link Freeride Shoe

Teva Offers First Freeride Shoe Link   Teva Link Freeride Shoe

Shoe Company Teva has released initial images for their first ever line of shoes specifically designed for cyclists called Links.

These free ride shoes are a snug fit for your feet as well as for your flat pedals and will released to the market next fall. The new shoe has a sole that is made from Teva’s unique proprietary Spider365 sticky rubber and was specifically designed to work perfectly with the platform of a freeride bike pedal.

The Teva Link, designed by Teva together with professional mountain biker Jeff Lenosky, also has a flexible yet strong armor in key wear areas and uses a complete water protection system for the shoe called “ion-mask” technology.

No exact release date and price but the Teva Link will be available in stores by fall….

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Nike Livestrong Spring 2011 Shoes

Lance Armstrong and Nike have showcased the Spring 2011 Livestrong shoe collection. Giving us an early look, Nike and Livestrong decided to use a video instead of traditional images.

The Nike Livestrong Spring 2011 sneaker collection has a lot to offer runners and cross training enthusiasts. Mostly men models, a small presence of womens sneakers are available.

For men we have the Nike Air Max+ LAF, Lunarhaze+ LAF, Lunarfly+ 2 (two colors available; yellow/black-white and blue/grey-yellow), and Trainer 1.2 Low LAF. Women releases are the Air Max+ LAF, Air Lunarhaze+, Air Lunarhaze+ 2 LAF (two colors available; black/silver yellow and green/silver-yellow), and the Free Hypertr II LAF.

Specific release dates and retail prices will be announced soon.

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2011 Sidi Dragon 2 Carbon SRS

2011 sidi dragon 2 carbon srs   2011 Sidi Dragon 2 Carbon SRS

The Dragon 2 Carbon SRS from Sidi is as intimidating as its name. With its many features, the mountain bike shoe can withstand the many different terrains it crosses.

Made with Carbon SRS sole, the treads can be replaced and there’s an option for toe guards. It comes with a padded tongue for comfort and features Sidi’s Adjustable Heel Security System to ensure pedal power even with heel lifts.

The Sidi Dragon 2 Carbon SRS also has optional toe spikes for more gripping power and a reflective heel cup that’s vented. It comes with a high quality velcro system for security. The upper is made from Lorica microfiber, making it durable and well-ventilated with mesh panels.

Finally, the Dragon 2 Carbon SRS has a soft instep closure system and patented techno II buckle system for easy adjusting with its caliper buckles. MSRP is $449.99.

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