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2012 Louis Garneau Glacier Winter Road Bike Shoes

2012 louis garneau glacier winter road bike shoes   2012 Louis Garneau Glacier Winter Road Bike Shoes

A new pair of winter road bike shoes called Glacier has been launched by Louis Garneau for 2012. Excellent warmth, fit, and comfort are offered by the water-proof membrane and laces in the inner shoe, while its Velcro tab enhances the already reliable support.

Getting the Glacier on is made a bit easier by its giant finger loop on the back. What offers the rider’s feet soothing warmth is its seam-sealed front zipper, its sides’ laminated PVC material, and its neoprene ankle cuff that comes with a full length silicone gripper.

It is estimated that the 2012 Louis Garneau Glacier Winter Road Bike Shoes keeps the feet warm for canada online pharmacy two hours during a typical winter month. Thus, this pair of road bike shoes are not ideal for longer-distance rides during winter.

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2012 Shimano MW81 Winter Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 shimano mw81 winter mountain bike shoes   2012 Shimano MW81 Winter Mountain Bike Shoes

Perfect for winter mountain biking is the new pair of shoes called MW81 introduced by Shimano for 2012. Featured by these insulated SPD boots is a high-quality Gore-Tex liner, which is not only waterproof but highly breathable and comfortably warm, as well.

Visibility in low light conditions is enhanced by the nice reflective detailing on the MW81’s heel and side. Even when the rider is wearing gloves, it is very easy to adjust the mountain bike shoes’ three wide cuttable Velcro-style straps, which also help offer a comfortable fit.

As compared to typical cycling shoes, the 2012 Shimano MW81 Winter Mountain Bike Shoes have a larger volume. This extra space allows for maximum comfort while riding during winter with thick socks. In a size 40, a pair of these shoes weighs in at only 815g.

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2012 SixSixOne Filter Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 sixsixone filter mountain bike shoes   2012 SixSixOne Filter Mountain Bike Shoes

One of the popular cycling shoes for 2012 for mountain bike riders is the new Filter from SixSixOne. In order to not only meet the mountain bike industry standards but also exceed them, SixSixOne has upped their product development to the next level, which includes the creation of the Filter mountain bike shoes.

Like any other products from SixSixOne, the Filter guarantees unparalleled quality, thanks to the latest technology integrated by the 661 designers. Excellent protection and comfort are offered by its nice details, such as its synthetic upper and adjustable lace keeper.

With excellent aesthetics and quality, the 2012 SixSixOne Filter Mountain Bike Shoes is the perfect footwear for the serious mountain bike rider. Its skate-style sole works perfectly with flat or clipless pedals and its nylon shank integrates a cleat insert.
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2012 Five Ten Danny Macaskill Shoe

2012 five ten danny macaskill shoe   2012 Five Ten Danny Macaskill Shoe

Five Ten, the topnotch shoe maker, has released an affordable signature shoe of Danny MacAskill for 2012. In collaboration with the Scottish trials genius, Five Ten was able to make a cycling shoe that is not merely backed up by a popular signature.

More importantly, the shoes are loaded with excellent features to make sure it tackles cycling requirements efficiently. These features include an extra ankle and tongue padding, a rubberized heel bumper, and a Stealth rubber sole made a little stiffer.

As implied by its signature, the 2012 Five Ten Danny Macaskill Shoe is definitely a cycling wunderkind. The shoes also have a reinforced toe box, which is made from thermoplastic polyurethane. Its Skye blue sole and detailing also makes the cycling shoes aesthetically nice.

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2012 Northwave Razer SBS Carbon Shoes

2012 northwave razer sbs carbon shoes   2012 Northwave Razer SBS Carbon Shoes

One of the latest mountain bike shoes from Northwave for 2012 is the Razer SBS carbon shoes. Highly innovative, the arch support of the shoes are constructed to offer reliable durability. This is done by integrating it straight with the upper, which also enhances pedaling efficiency.

Its extensive list of state-of-the-art features include microfiber upper, Performance Pro footbed, and a carbon rubber sole that has a thin profile. Moreover, featured by its upper construction is a race construction, aerator system, and web power cage.

Exceptionally lightweight and compact, the 2012 Northwave Razer SBS Carbon Shoes is one of the leading cycling shoes for professional riders. Its impressive specs provide riders with excellent grip during terrible conditions and an efficient mud and debris disposal.

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2012 Northwave Fahrenheit GTX Shoes

2012 northwave fahrenheit gtx shoes   2012 Northwave Fahrenheit GTX Shoes

Northwave has made a record as the first brand to use Gore Tex in its cycling footwear with the release of the new Fahrenheit GTX Shoes for 2012. By combining topnotch technical details and high performance materials, the shoes guarantee maximum comfort even under the worst conditions.

Both excellent thermicity and transpiration are achieved through the Gore Tex lining. This means that the rider’s feet remain dry and warm while cycling. With a Velcro strap protection, the shoes has an exclusive Speed Lace System (SLS) that makes its closure secure and fast.

A highly innovative technical winter shoe, the 2012 Northwave Fahrenheit GTX Shoes is a reliable protector during cold rides. With the natural rubber tread, carbon powder is added to its Jaws sole making the grip very rigid. For more protection and comfort, foot coverage is optimized by its upper.

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2012 Northwave Gran Canion 2 Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 northwave gran canion 2 mountain bike shoes   2012 Northwave Gran Canion 2 Mountain Bike Shoes

Northwave has released new mountain bike shoes called Gran Canion 2 for 2012. Especially designed for riders who are looking for cycling shoes that offer both performance and versatility, the Gran Canion 2 caters to various kinds of riders.

In order to maximize performance and breathability, the shoes feature GoreTex XCR lining that protects the rider’s feet from all elements. While the upper optimizes protection, the Velcro strap ensures closing precision.

Under any weather conditions, the 2012 Northwave Gran Canion 2 Mountain Bike Shoes enable excursionists to tackle all sorts of terrain. Aside from comfortable pedaling despite the complexity of off-road trails, the shoes also guarantee walking with ease.

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