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2012 Shimano R241 Road Race Shoe

2012 shimano r241 road race shoe   2012 Shimano R241 Road Race Shoe

A new elite-level road race shoe for 2012 from Shimano is the R241. Revamping several models for 2012, Shimano has avoided the semi-custom layer offering the R241 shoe as a full-custom. This custom-fit model comes with a hollow carbon-fiber sole.

Completely moldable, the upper, the toe box, and the insole fit the contour of the rider’s feet. Heated up in the oven and vacuum fitted, spaces are reduced to further optimize comfort. On the upper strap, the shoes get a low profile buckle giving it a huge aero advantage over a standard buckle.

Weighing in at 543gl (a size 40) the 2012 Shimano R241 Road Race Shoe has incredibly flexible and soft moisture-control mesh sections and uses microfibre that is very resistant to stretching. It is available in two colors, which are blue/black and silver/black.

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Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG BMX Shoe

nike dunk low gyrizo acg bmx shoe   Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG BMX Shoe

Back in 2008, some Nike Dunk Lows known as the Gyrizo ACG were made for the BMXers during the Olympic events. Designed with a stiffer sole and clip in technology allowing efficient pedaling, but for everyday use the clip is removable. For those that are into sneakers, the Nike Dunk Low Gyrizo ACG uses a speckled sole that are also seen on past Nike ACG. This pair also features a strap across the front, which has never been used on low versions. Since this pair is a sample, you will not be able to purchase in stores.

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Bontrager RL Hilo Shoe

bontrager rl hilo shoe1   Bontrager RL Hilo Shoe

The Bontrager RL Hilo Shoe are lightweight, high-end triathlon shoe. It is made with a reinforced mesh upper for ventilation and a silver-level vented carbon sole that’s polished with a finish that actually reflects heat from the road. An external molded heel cup gives ventilation while preventing heel slip. They also feature an easy-to-use 2-strap closure system. The Bontrager RL Hilo Shoe is available at the Trek online store for $169.99….

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