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2011 RockShox Monarch Plus RC3

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 RockShox Monarch Plus RC3

2011 rockshox monarch plus rc3   2011 RockShox Monarch Plus RC3

The 2011 Monarch Plus RC3 from RockShox sends a message of pure traction for all-mountain biking. Available in spring, it is a union of two key features, the Solo Air Spring and the damper design that’s inspired from the Vivid Air damping system.

The spring uses air pressure for adjustment that goes through the Schrader valve. The new damping system comes with a three-position compression adjustment and a Dual Flow rebound. The forged aluminum body and shaft makes for a lightweight ensemble that makes downhill riding faster.

Sag gradients can be found on the upper tubes of the fork as well as on its damper body. Configurations for the Monarch Plus RC3 are:190 x 50mm (7.5×2.0”), 200 x 50 or 57mm (7.875×2.0 or 2.25”), 216 x 63mm (8.5×2.5”), 222 xx 66mm (8.75×2.6”).

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X-Fusion 2011 Shock Lineup

pinit fg en rect gray 20   X Fusion 2011 Shock Lineup

x fusion 2011 shock lineup 1   X Fusion 2011 Shock Lineup

X-Fusion proudly reveals its 2011 aftermarket rear shock line. The lineup includes the Vector Series and the O2 series. They will be available in August 2010. The engineering team was headed by Anthony Trujillo. X-Fusion will also make customization of the air volume in positive and negative air chambers to its customers in 2011.

The Vector Series comes in three models namely the RC, HLR and R. Switching to aluminum shaft, the Vector series are lighter but still maintains its durable qualities. Ideal for world cup downhill races and all-mountain rides, it gives quality performance and works to satisfy your every ride. The rebound oil flow was increased and the low speed compression circuit was redesigned to make it flexible for adjustment.

The compression knobs are made smaller and more length allowance is in place to compliment different shock sizing without sacrificing frame clearance. It also has…

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