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X-Bionic Race Shirt Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   X Bionic Race Shirt Jersey

x bionic race shirt jersey   X Bionic Race Shirt Jersey

Made from a knitted polyester fabric, the X-Bionic Race Jersey Shirt is very supportive and form-fitting. This is a soft touch fabric that is complemented by an jersey’s excellent race fit. What makes the X-bionic different from other race jerseys is that the density of the knit within the garment has been varied.

Two things were created by the varied knit. These are the areas of breathability and compression sections across the midriff, at the sides, and at the lower back. During hot Here you can watch the full PBS broadcast of Brenda Watson’s Strategy to find out how to reduce your exposure to toxins and enjoy vibrant health. days, the jersey is still great as it has a full length zip. Moreover, the jersey will stay incredibly dry even during sweaty rides.

Though quite pricey, the X-Bionic Race Shirt Jersey offers the latest generation of…

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2011 Merrell Spring River Shirt

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Merrell Spring River Shirt

2011 merrell spring river shirt   2011 Merrell Spring River Shirt

Both fashionable and comfortable, the 2011 Merrell Spring River Shirt is a perfect outfit for city riders who commute everyday. In terms of style, this short-sleeved checkered cycling shirt is available in six colors and can be paired nicely to almost any sort of cycling jeans or pants.

Made from 100% polyester Merrell Opti-Wick fabric, comfort is optimized with the moisture easily transferred away from the skin and quickly dries. The rider’s skin is also protected by the shirt’s SPF 20 feature. With a tech-savvy style, contents are stabilized by the shirt’s TPU reinforced chest pocket.

Outdoorsy stylish riders and daily city commuters alike will surely like the casino online 2011 Merrell Spring River Shirt. Other features include the side vents’ grosgrain tape detail and Raglan sleeves that offer mobility and comfort. Stylish, this plaid shirt will also look great when worn in the office.

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