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Shimano AM40 Power Flat Shoes

shimano am40 power flat shoes   Shimano AM40 Power Flat Shoes

The latest flat shoes that have come to challenge other brands is the Shimano AM40. The flat shoes are custom-made for BMX, Freeride and All-Mountain riding. The soles are made from the compound Vibram. It acts similarly to that of a Five Ten Stealth Rubber. What makes the AM40 different from it is the protective qualities of the Velcro flap it has. This repels water and mud from sipping into the shoe’s laced area. It may not be so trendy, however it is the most effective and appropriate flat pedal shoe in the cycling world today.

The Shimano AM40 is made with upper supports which secures the ankles and freeing it dirt, mud and water. It also has a specially designed sole-stiffness setting provided for by the Modular insole system. It is custom made to be comfortable, tough with a full lace closure system to secure the upper…

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Shimano RS80 Deep Rim Wheelset

shimano rs80 deep rim wheelset   Shimano RS80 Deep Rim Wheelset

Looking for a a affordable wheelset by Shimano? The new Shimano RS80 Deep Rim Wheelset is a alternative to the Dura-Ace 7850 C50 CL Wheel that mashes deep carbon rim with the Ultegra RS hub. Identical to the Dura Ace wheelset, the Shimano RS80 Deep Rim Wheelset uses a aluminum surface for braking, aerodynamic profile for added rigidity. 16 stainless steel spokes for the front wheel, and 20 for the rear, the Shimano RS80 Deep Rim Wheelset also features Shimano cup and cone bearings. Compatible with 8, 9, and 10 speed Shimano cassettes, while the set is said to weigh in at 1750 grams.

Source: RoadCyclingUK

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2010 NAHBS Gets Shimano Sponsorship

2010 nahbs gets shimano sponsorship   2010 NAHBS Gets Shimano Sponsorship

Shimano American Corp. has signed a one-year deal with North American Handmade Bicycle Show Inc. for the title sponsorship of the world’s biggest custom bicycle show. The event’s official name for this year is quite a mouthful: the Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

Don Walker, the founder and director of the NAHBS, doesn’t mind the long names. He says that he is “thrilled” by the prospect of having Shimano as a title sponsor, and hopes that the deal with the world-leading bicycle components maker will continue on into the future.

Walker also mentions that Shimano has already been involved with NAHBS since 2006, and is delighted that the manufacturer has made a decision to “step up” their association with NAHBS into a full-fledged sponsorship.

Shimano Corp. has always played an active role in NAHBS for the past several years, but only as an exhibitor or low-level sponsor. It was…

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Shimano Dura Ace Tubeless Wheelset WH-7850-C24-TL

shimano dura ace tubeless wheelset wh 7850 c24 tl   Shimano Dura Ace Tubeless Wheelset WH 7850 C24 TL

Shimano’s Dura Ace Tubeless Wheelset named WH-7850-C24-TL is said best by the company: fusing performance and comfort for a smoother and all around better ride. The rim itself is made of aluminum, but is coated with carbon fiber layers, plus carbon high tension spokes for a close “all carbon tubular performance”. The Shimano Dura Ace Tubeless Wheelset WH-7850-C24-TL will cost you £720 for the pair (about $1,170 USD). Purchase at Madison.

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Atherton Star Series

Atherton Star Series1   Atherton Star Series

Take a look at these prototypes by Atherton and PRO, the Atherton Star Series. In resent news, PRO is now being backed by Shimano, meaning PRO’s products will be subjected to Shimano’s extensive MPAN QC testing procedures. Little else is known about this soon to drop series so check back with us soon for the complete low down.

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