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Shimano WM60 Mountain Bike Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano WM60 Mountain Bike Shoes

shimano wm60 mountain bike shoes   Shimano WM60 Mountain Bike Shoes

Shimano WM60 mountain bike shoes offer rigid pedal support and lightweight walking traction. Polyurethane-coated leather reinforces synthetic uppers to increase durability; breathable mesh aids ventilation. Additionally, asymmetrical lower straps and supportive top strap allow precise adjustment and maximum comfort.

The anatomic footbeds, on the other hand, control moisture with a specialized lining and provide 3mm of cushioning from toe to heel. The midsole is made up of polyurethane and gives the stiffness required for efficient pedal strokes, while the outsole is made up of rubber.  

Women specific, Shimano WM60 mountain bike shoes satisfy not only the need for a reliable pair of shoes but also maximum comfort for those tough rides. With unique characteristics of the female foot — a low, narrow heel section and a low-volume front end — Shimano’s shoe delivers the means for effective pedaling….

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Shimano RT81 Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano RT81 Shoes

shimano rt81 shoes   Shimano RT81 ShoesThe upper mesh of Shimano RT81 Shoes is made from a combined competition-style mesh and leather panel. Adding a slim line which is designed to accept the SPD-style twin-bolt steel cleats and to permit a much comfier walking, the new Shimano RT 81 looks like custom-made for the heavy demands of cycling sport riding.

Performance is not really the priority with this kind of shoes though, rather this was designed to prioritize the ability or the rider to walk around at the start of the race to the finish making it like regular comfortable shoes only much better to wear and look at.

The outsole of this shoes, works the same way as an mtb sole. The cleats  between the rubber strips sure the rider’s foot place both on the pedal itself. It does the same as well when walking, protecting the cleats sets from the ground.

The RT 81 is…

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Shimano SH-R160G Carbon Road Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano SH R160G Carbon Road Shoes

shimano sh r160g carbon road shoe   Shimano SH R160G Carbon Road ShoesIt is highly important that you have a reliable pair of shoes that would not easily wear out especially if you are a very active person. To consider not only durability but also stylishly designed and offers maximum comfort, you may have a few options of shoes available in the market. But there is nothing to worry about. Shimano SH-R160G Carbon Road Shoe could be just the pair of shoes that you are looking for.

Shimano SH-R160G Carbon Road Shoe is rigid, stable and lightweight making the wearer feel comfortable and having anatomical fit. With its striking looks, you will absolutely look good and fashionable in this pair of shoes.

This premium racing shoe has curved anatomical last provides a natural shoe-to-foot interface. Durable, anti-slip lining puts your heel in the perfect position for maximum energy transfer. Additionally, its stretch-resistant synthetic fibers throughout keep this shoe performing its best/

For personalized comfort, support…

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Shimano Mountain Sports Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano Mountain Sports Shoes

shimano mountain sports shoes   Shimano Mountain Sports ShoesShimano is not only a manufacturer of different bike parts and bikes but they also manufacture shoes such as the Shimano Mountain Sports Shoes. The good thing about these shoes is that they will match the needs of different bikers because of the different features that they offer.

The first feature is that they have high synthetic leather that gives utmost comfort. They are also tough and durable, and will serve as armor for your feet but still be able to provide comfort.

It has an EVA cushion that will serve as the shock absorber on your feet. In this way, your feet will not hurt especially if you are hiking. These are used as midsole and still make you feel very comfortable so you can easily bring them up on long and high trails.

It has adjustable straps and buckles so you are assured that you…

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Koga Cobblecrosser for the Paris-Roubaix

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Koga Cobblecrosser for the Paris Roubaix

koga cobblecrosser paris roubaix   Koga Cobblecrosser for the Paris Roubaix

The Koga Cobblecrosser is the result of Shimano and Koga’s partnership with Skil-Shimano. This bike is designed specifically for the Paris-Roubaix competition.

The Cobblecrosser is aptly named because it aims to help its rider on cobbled roads, irregardless of the climate, whether dry or wet. The frame has a wide space around the brakes and wheels. The frame is also of high quality shock absorbing material called scandium.

For better suspension, Shimano chose to include cantilever-type brakes and molded the 32-spoke wheelset with aluminium rims that are set low. Special satellite shifters and the Shimano electronic Di2 gear system are on the handle bars so you can shift gears with your hands.

The Koga Cobblecrosser frame comes in pitch-black color. The cyclists who will be using the special modified bike on Sunday at the Paris-Roubaix are Mitchell Docker, Koen de Kort, Floris Goesinnen, Roy Curvers, Robert Wagner, Steve Houanard, Tom Veelers and Robin…

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Shimano M182 MTB Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano M182 MTB Shoes

shimano m182 mtb shoes   Shimano M182 MTB Shoes

The Shimano M182 Mountain Biking shoes are specifically made to give comfort and fit without sacrificing performance and durability.

The M182 has soles with glass fiber as part of its composition. A nylon-polyurethane material strengthens the outer sole and allows optimal power transmission from your feet to your pedals.

The mountain bike shoes have composite toe spikes to give you better foothold on loose ground or muddy areas. An abrasive scuff-toe guard is on the area where it can get scratched when used. It also has a breathable mesh designed to compliment the polyurethane coated synthetic leather.

To keep your feet secure and avoid loosening, a padded micro-adjustable buckle is in place. There are also dual offset straps to relieve pressure from your feet. These straps are cut in varying lengths so you can choose which would fit you better.

The retail price for the Shimano M182 Mountain Biking shoes is $124.98 and is…

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Shimano PD-A600 Road SPD Pedal

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano PD A600 Road SPD Pedal

shimano pd a600 road spd pedal   Shimano PD A600 Road SPD Pedal

The newest product under the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics line is the PD-A600. Similar to the PD-A520 model when it comes to lines of design, the PD-A600 provides quality performance for pedaling safely and comfortably.

The pedal is a picture of stability with its stylish design that allows low profile Ultegra level touring. It weighs 286 grams and is ideal for non-competitive road use. It is also compatible with all MTB and Touring SPD shoes.

The PD-A600 also has a single sided cleat mechanism that is used across recent MTB pedal systems. This will allow easy entry or exit. The wide platform of the pedal was designed to facilitate better transference of power when you pedal. The aerodynamics of this would help efficient flow of energy from your shoe on to the pedal.

The pedal is also suitable for sportive and touring cyclists who can take advantage of its specifications that can fit Ultegra…

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