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2011 Shimano MT15 Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Shimano MT15 Wheelset

2011 shimano mt15 wheelset   2011 Shimano MT15 Wheelset

A practical and efficient wheelset, the 2011 Shimano MT15 wheelset features an angular contact bearing system also known as the cup and cone.

Since it uses angular contact bearing system, this awesome Shimano wheelset offers a longer lasting lifespan compared to other wheelsets out there, including both the semi-sealed as well as the sealed variations. This of course will be done with proper care as well as regular greasing and precise adjustments to the wheelset.

A word of caution, though, the Shimano MT15 wheelset will be more suited for riders that takes extra care of their wheelsets and not for riders who simply store their bikes when not in use.

The Shimano MT15 wheelset also sports a 25mm rim that’s bigger than most wheelsets available to the market right now as well as 28 spokes. You might want to invest in adaptors in the case where you have a bike…

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Shimano SH-R310 Custom Fit Cycling Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano SH R310 Custom Fit Cycling Shoe

shimano sh r310 custom fit cycling shoe   Shimano SH R310 Custom Fit Cycling Shoe

The Shimano SH-R310 Custom Fit Cycling Shoe provides riders with an improved pedaling power for riders. The help of the carbon fiber outsoles maximizes the transference of energy from the foot to the pedal.

With the aid of the heat moldable technology brings a snug fit for your foot, as well as provides longer lasting comfort for riders who are traveling long distances. The cyclist’s feet will also be well ventilated thanks to the honey comb mesh.

The Shimano SH-RH310 Custom fit cycling shoes are made of synthetic leather as well as a cooling mesh lining and synthetic sole plate. It also sports carbon fiber treads and is cleat compatible. All pairs come with a 1 year warranty from Shimano….

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Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Satellite Shifter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Satellite Shifter

shimano dura ace di2 satellite shifter   Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Satellite Shifter

Aimed for sprinters, Shimano launches a new satellite shifter, the Dura-Ace Di2 SW-7372. The product allows for quick gear shifting at the rear, which is especially advantageous during sprints and riding on drops.

The new satellite shifter enables the rider to maintain a firm grip on the handlebar while manipulating gear shifting and could be installed right alongside the electronic shifter as a multiple shift option. Shimano enjoys this edge over the cable operated shifting option mounted anywhere on the handlebar. This has proved to be very effective for climbers, time trialist and triathletes, allowing them to shift on either end of the aerobar extensions.

The new Dura-Ace Di2 SW-7372 is soon to be released on February 2011….

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Shimano SH-M315 MTB Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano SH M315 MTB Shoe

shimano sh m315 mtb shoe   Shimano SH M315 MTB Shoe

The latest addition to Shimano‘s mountain bike shoe line is the SH-M315. It uses a new synthetic leather called Rovenica for its upper and features Shimano’s Custom-Fit technology. For professional cycling and more, the SH-M315 provides a supple fit that is both stiff and comfortable.

Durable with anti-abrasion upper with a low-profile design, the SH-M315 also has a micro-adjust buckle, dual offset straps and anti-slip heel lining. The insoles and upper panels are heat moldable to match your foot’s fit.

The sole has a rigid carbon fiber shank to give it a tuned flex. Partnered with high memory on elasticity and optional toe spikes for increased traction, the Shimano SH-M315 weighs 686g a pair and can be matched with Shimano XTR PD-M980 or PD-M985.

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2011 Shimano Eyewear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Shimano Eyewear

2011 shimano eyewear 1 300x155   2011 Shimano EyewearShimano comes out with a new eyewear range for 2011. The new line is composed of the S60R, S60R-PH, S50X, S40R and the S40RS. The sunglasses will be available in January.

Top of the line is the S60R which has anti-scratch and a anti-fog lens. It features Shimano’s Metal Fit Design. A stainless steel plate is used to connect two separate frames which allows you to adjust the eyewear to your desired fit. The S60R also gives you UV400 protection. On the other hand, the S60R-PH features photochromatic lenses. Both models have color options of brilliant blue, metallic white and metallic black.

The Shimano S50X comes with three sets of lenses and is made for daily use including cycling or other activities. RX-clips are available for this model and for the S40RS. The S40RS is a smaller model of the current S40R. It comes in colors of sky blue, ice…

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2011 Shimano Pro Tharsis Components

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Shimano Pro Tharsis Components

2011 shimano pro tharsis components 1 300x200   2011 Shimano Pro Tharsis ComponentsShimano Pro components gets updated with its Tharsis Trail due to be available in October. The Tharsis Trail line up is made up of carbon fiber stem, handlebar, seatpost and grips.

The Pro Tharsis Trail Stem features a reversible stem design and integrated gap-cap as well as spacer. It has a special front-clamp design that can withstand handlebar and bolt stress. It weighs 130 grams.

The Tharsis Trail Handlebar weighs 195 grams and features a T800-1000 uni-directional carbon with a reinforced titanium center. Size for the handlebar is 710mm / 20mm rise / 8 backsweep / 4 upsweep, 31.8mm diameter.

The Pro Tharsis Trail Seatpost comes with a 10mm offset. It has reinforced clamping zone and clamps for saddle rails (carbon or metal) and uses a high-tech T800 uni-directional carbon. The size for the seatpost is 27.2, 30.9 and 31,6 x 375mm. The seatpost weighs 175 grams.

Finally, the Pro Tharsis Trail Grips…

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Shimano AM41 & AM45 Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano AM41 & AM45 Shoes

shimano am41 and am45 shoes 300x211   Shimano AM41 & AM45 ShoesShimano will release two new mountain bike shoes this October, the AM41 and the AM45. They are new models inspired by the popular MP56 and MP66 models. Although the AM41 actually bumps off the AM40 as a flat pedal shoe, it comes with the Vibram sole but shows off with new uppers. Said to be less grippy than a 5:10 sole, the AM41 makes up in terms of durability.

Both shoes now have the Velcro flap to prevent your shoelaces from getting in the way as you pedal. The AM45 features more ankle protection with a semi-high top style and closed uppers. It has larger cleat recess and new sole for a skate style look yet SPD compatible. The Shimano AM41 retails at £79.99 while the Shimano AM45 will be available for £69.99.

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