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2013 Shimano Zee Group Set

2013 shimano zee group set   2013 Shimano Zee Group Set

Young entry-level gravity riders have something new for 2013, the Shimano Zee Group Set, which has been introduced as Saint’s little brother. This new groupset is a replacement of the Hone groupset, Shimano’s attempt to create a more affordable version of the Saint.

Named after ‘zero’, the Zee enables gravity riders to hit the extreme trails’ zero gravity without feeling restricted. Similar to the Saint, this groupset is viagra canada equipped with topnotch disc brakes and the high-tech Shadow RD 10-speed rear derailleur, which offers downhill riders an exceptionally silent drive train.

For a balanced combination of rotating performance, stiffness, and strength, a hollow axle and solid crank arm was used. This Ice Tech compatible groupset’s brakes can be upgraded to the maximum Ice Tech braking power.


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2013 Shimano Saint Group Set

2013 shimano saint group set   2013 Shimano Saint Group Set

One of the items on the list for 2013 for freeriders and downhill racers is the new Shimano Saint Group Set. Focused completely on the severity of mountain bike riding, the Saint is perfect for gravity riders.

Designed with extreme rides in mind, the Saint was improved to be a competitive tool on buying cialis the race course, thanks to pro racers, such as Gee Atherton and Aaron Gwin, who helped Shimano designers and engineers enhance the ergonomics, durability, rigidity, and braking power of the group set.

Featured by its 10-speed rear derailleur is a SHADOW RD, which offers a quieter drive train, significantly reduced chain dropping, and enhanced control. At its pully cage, there is a switch seting off a stabilizer that offsets the up-and-down chain momentum’s powers in bumpy environments.


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2013 Shimano Shadow Plus M675 Rear Derailleur

2013 shimano shadow plus m675 rear derailleur   2013 Shimano Shadow Plus M675 Rear Derailleur

Shimano buying viagra now has unveiled the upgrades it will be offering for 2013, the most remarkable of which is the rear derailleur called the Shadow Plus M675. On the other hand, this upgraded rear derailleur is incredibly affordable while offering a reliable performance.

Aptly named Shadow Plus M675, this rear derailleur offers the most significant change Shimano is offering for 2013. While Shadow pertains to how it clasps the cassette to deny damage”s entry, Plus pertains to its clutch mechanism.

With its state-of-the-art upgrades, the 2013 Shimano Shadow Plus M675 Rear Derailleur is a must-have item, especially for aggressive riders. Regularly tackling rock-strewn terrains and intense off-road rides can be hassle-free and enjoyable with this hi-tech rear derailleur.

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2013 Shimano MT68 Mountain Bike Wheels

2013 shimano mt68 mountain bike wheels   2013 Shimano MT68 Mountain Bike Wheels

A new mountain bike wheelset called MT68 will be offered by Shimano for 2013. The viagra lowest price front wheel of the wheelset weighs 910g and comes with a 15mm axle. Its rear wheel is a little heavier at 1050g and it has a 12mm quick release axle.

Both the front and rear wheels of the MT68 are set up only for Center Lock rotors. On the other hand, Shimano also offers a new SLX-level adaptor for this model. This will be very useful for those who want to go for six-bolt discs.

Designed with aggressive trail riders in mind, the 2013 Shimano MT68 Mountain Bike Wheels will come with 21mm-wide rims. Thus, the wheelset can accommodate tires that measure up to 2.5in and both its front and rear wheels use 24-butted spokes.
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2013 Shimano MT66 Race Mountain Bike Wheels

2013 shimano mt66 race mountain bike wheels   2013 Shimano MT66 Race Mountain Bike Wheels

One new SLX-level mountain bike wheelset for racers will be offered by Shimano for 2013. Designed with racers in mind, these tubeless ready wheels called MT66 come with UST-profile rims. Front and rear, the wheels use 24 straight-pull spokes.

Shimano claimed that the MT66 weighs in at 840g for the quick-release front wheel and 985g for the rear wheel without the skewers. At the front, the wheels have a 15mm E-Thru axle option and come with lime green or mono tone decals and in black or white, as well.

With a width of 19mm, the 2013 Shimano MT66 Race Mountain Bike Wheels can accommodate rubber measuring up to 2.25in. These innovative all-round cross-country wheels will be available both in a 26in and in 29in spec.

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2012 Shimano MW81 Winter Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 shimano mw81 winter mountain bike shoes   2012 Shimano MW81 Winter Mountain Bike Shoes

Perfect for winter mountain biking is the new pair of shoes called MW81 introduced by Shimano for 2012. Featured by these insulated SPD boots is a high-quality Gore-Tex liner, which is not only waterproof but highly breathable and comfortably warm, as well.

Visibility in low light conditions is enhanced by the nice reflective detailing on the MW81’s heel and side. Even when the rider is wearing gloves, it is very easy to adjust the mountain bike shoes’ three wide cuttable Velcro-style straps, which also help offer a comfortable fit.

As compared to typical cycling shoes, the 2012 Shimano MW81 Winter Mountain Bike Shoes have a larger volume. This extra space allows for maximum comfort while riding during winter with thick socks. In a size 40, a pair of these shoes weighs in at only 815g.

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2012 Shimano PD-M780 Pedals

2012 shimano pd m780 pedals   2012 Shimano PD M780 Pedals

Included in the lineup of pedals for 2012 from Shimano is the new PD-M780. In order to guarantee great performance and light weight, the pedals utilized a forged alloy body. Moreover, stability is enhanced by its revised cleat interface and chrome-moly axle.

What gave the pedals a beautiful construction are its tough and slim spindle and an 8mm Allen wrench mounting system. Its low maintenance is simplified and made more dependable by its sealed cartridge axle system. Stability, control, and protection are enhanced by its integrated cage.

While they are engineered to tackle the severity of off-road competition, the 2012 Shimano PD-M780 Pedals are ideal for cross country trail riding. As compared to other pedals in its category, the PD-M780 has a more efficient mud and debris shedding.

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