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2012 The North Face Shifter Mountain Bike Shoe

2012 the north face shifter mountain bike shoe   2012 The North Face Shifter Mountain Bike Shoe

A world-famous brand for outdoors fashion, The North Face prides itself in the release of its new mountain bike shoe called Shifter for 2012. Designed to be highly suitable for mountain bike, the shoe is known to be a general action sports sneaker.

Durability is fostered for the freeride set by the outsole as well as the protective PU-coated leather upper of the shoes. The Shifter is ideal for those who are looking for a pair of shoes that can be equally functional both at home around town and during off-road rides.

Aside from being a high-quality action sports sneaker, the 2012 The North Face Shifter Mountain Bike Shoe is definitely a piece of fashion. With the release of the new Shifter bike shoe, people will regard The North Face not only as brand for alpine and winter.

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SRAM Red DoubleTap Controls Brake Lever + Shifter

sram red doubletap controls brake lever and shifter   SRAM Red DoubleTap Controls Brake Lever + Shifter

With DoubleTap and ZeroLoss, SRAM Red Controls allow smooth up and down shifts in one single motion. This is a highly upgraded DoubleTap version that is improved by a specific pawl geometry, which subsequently yields to zero-loss travel. With the DoubleTap mechanism, it is easy and fast to change gears, allowing for free awkward and bothersome gear shifting on a systems that involve two levers.

In just one quick and smooth motion, shifting is effortless and comfortable. When the desire to upshift or downshift arises, there’s no waiting for the shift to come. All that’s needed is a push on the lever and the cable is engaged in an instant. No movement is lost at all, so it is zero-loss.

Aside from the instant and precise gear changes, the SRAM Red Controls are made of great materials such as carbon brake lever, carbon shift levers, and titanium. Its carbon…

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Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Satellite Shifter

shimano dura ace di2 satellite shifter   Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Satellite Shifter

Aimed for sprinters, Shimano launches a new satellite shifter, the Dura-Ace Di2 SW-7372. The product allows for quick gear shifting at the rear, which is especially advantageous during sprints and riding on drops.

The new satellite shifter enables the rider to maintain a firm grip on the handlebar while manipulating gear shifting and could be installed right alongside the electronic shifter as a multiple shift option. Shimano enjoys this edge over the cable operated shifting option mounted anywhere on the handlebar. This has proved to be very effective for climbers, time trialist and triathletes, allowing them to shift on either end of the aerobar extensions.

The new Dura-Ace Di2 SW-7372 is soon to be released on February 2011….

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FSA Vision Metron TT Shifter System

fsa vision metron tt shifter system 300x200   FSA Vision Metron TT Shifter SystemFSA unveils its Vision Metron drivetrain group for TT bikes. This has been under testing with the Cofidis team last season. What is unique from the Vision Metron TT groupset is its new shifter design. The two levers on the aerobar extensions are the shifters. You no longer had to move your hand around so much when you shift gears as what you usually encounter with other barrel based shifting systems.

Inside the bars is a sliding rail mechanism. This ratchet system functions to index the gears when you press the integrated cap or the shifters. FSA also made sure that the entire system inside the extensions will generate lesser internal friction than other shifting systems.

The Vision Metron TT Shifter System also has the Vision TT crankset with BB30 omega axle, Vision front derailleur and carbon rear derailleur. They are currently compatible with SRAM/Shimano components.


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SRAM 500 TT Shifter

sram 500 tt shifter   SRAM 500 TT ShifterThe SRAM 500 TT Shifter is the one to solve the old way of using your bike’s shifters. This smart product is the company’s latest entry-level in offering the bar-end shifter category.

The SRAM 500 TT shifter was designed to work with any SRAM road transmission but at the same time work in a conventional way. With the left hand lever, it is constrained by a friction mechanism, this way the right hand lever clicks within any one of the 10 positions and stays there. It is way different than that of the SRAM’s top-end, the R2C mechanism that returns the right hand lever to its central position after each shifting, producing no friction.

Levers are fixed at both end of the bars by using the standard split sleeve with its plastic case, the ring springs but the expanding bolt of its left-hand thread tightens the housing as done by…

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Zipp Speed Weaponry VukaR2C Aero Shifter

zipp speed weaponry vukar2c aero shifter   Zipp Speed Weaponry VukaR2C Aero Shifter

A name change is in affect on the R2C aero shifter, which is now being called the VukaR2C, a tactic aimed to follow SRAM, since they own Zipp Speed Weaponry. The VukaR2C shifter, also known as the neVukaR2C is Zipp’s way of combining high performance and aerodynamics. Once setup for riding comfort, the shifter features a return to center actuation, which brings the lever back to the original angle. Weighing in at a mere 180 grams for set, the Zipp Speed Weaponry VukaR2C Aero Shifter is available mid January 2010.

Source: Bike Rumor

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