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Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Forks

shadow conspiracy vultus forks 300x103   Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Forks

The Vultus fork from Shadow Conspiracy is one of the companies newest products for 2011. It features a lightweight heat treated tapered tubing and is available in six colors (highlighter blue, highlighter yellow, red, white, purple and black). Made of 4130 Sanko chromoly, fluted and butted, the Vultus weighs 29.8 oz.

Shadow Conspiracy saw to it that strength and quality is evident on the Vultus with 6061 hard anodized alloy top cap and a one piece steer tube. For more responsive steering, there’s a 26mm offset and 4mm thick dropouts.

To make the fork unique, Shadow Conspiracy added a stamped out Vultus coffin detail and two indentations as a guide for cutting the steer tube. The Vultus retails at $129.99.

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Shadow Conspiracy Matte Highlighter Yellow Components

shadow conspiracy matte highlighter yellow components   Shadow Conspiracy Matte Highlighter Yellow Components

Shadow Conspiracy listens to their customers, with a steady demand for new colors on the components. They responded with the Matte Highlighter Yellow collection, which also contains black hints throughout. Perfect for the bright summer, which was the reason for Shadow Conspiracy decision. Apart of the collection is mostly BMX components, but as we can see some riser bars (fixed gear) are present. Available for purchase at Shadow Conspiracy retailers.

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Shadow Conspiracy 026 Creeper Forks

shadow conspiracy 026 creeper forks fork   Shadow Conspiracy 026 Creeper Forks

If you are looking for something to spice up your BMX, then the Shadow Conspiracy forks can do that for you. Shadow Conspiracy introduces their 026 Forks to those riders who are tired of the old fork design. Designed to create a steeper rake, these forks allows a faster turning response making it ideal for front end tricks.

The Shadow Conspiracy 026 Forks have legs with unique features. The bottom and leg cap are formed together and designed to be as one tube. This way, they create lesser welds and thus creating a stronger fork leg.

The Shadow Conspiracy can guarantee a lifetime warranty on all forks to the original user. These forks are 100% heat-treated that’s why they are made stronger, performs a quicker steering and has a steeper offset. They are also built with 4130 full chromoly Sanko butted tubing. The Shadow forks are internally and externally machined…

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Shadow Conspiracy Sping 2010 Fixed Gear Components

shadow conspiracy spring 2010 fixed gear components   Shadow Conspiracy Sping 2010 Fixed Gear Components

Here is a preview of whats to come from Shadow Conspiracy in their fixed gear department. The line of components is apart of Shadow Conspiracy Spring 2010 collection and is catered to 700c riders. Shown are two different styles of handlebars (Vultus Minis 4” and 2” risers), chains (Interlock 2 chain), pedals (Ravager Plastic), spokes (straight gauge, aluminum nipples) and seat posts (Umbra post 27.2 and 25.4). The best part is the wide color options, which goes to show Shadow Conspiracy is living up to what they say on having options and looking fresh.

Source: Prolly is not Probably

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Shadow Conspiracy Slicker Peg Sleeves

New from Shadow Conspiracy is the Slicker Sleeves, which are plastic covers that will slide over your pegs allowing them to be slicker and grind in more places you thought you couldn’t. Made to fit over the Shadow Little Ones pegs, the Shadow Conspiracy Slicker Peg Sleeves are demonstrated by Ryan Sher, showing how easy it is to use them, plus having some fun on the side. The Slicker sleeves will hit Shadow Conspiracy retailers in Spring 2010….

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