pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Setup Clothing Cycling Tees

2011 setup clothing cycling tees   2011 Setup Clothing Cycling Tees

Ideal garments on and off the bike are T-shirts from the 2011 Setup Clothing cycling apparel. The range includes the Moto Covert T-shirt, Minimal T-Shirt and Japan Freeride Tee. These cycling tees are designed with fashionable riders in mind.

Both of the Moto Covert T-shirt and Minimal T-Shirt are designed with a unique style with bold but not exaggerated prints and exquisite graphics and colors. As for the Japan Freeride Tee, not everyone can read it at first so it looks really special.

Without making the riders look like over the top fashion victims, the 2011 Setup Clothing Cycling T-shirts feature outstanding designs that vary from brand focused logos to original looking mountain bike focused prints. At low prices, Setup Clothing is definitely a recommendable high street fashion brand.

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