pinit fg en rect gray 20   Knaven Goes to the Milram Team Car in August

knaven goes to the milram team car in august 200x300   Knaven Goes to the Milram Team Car in August

Servais Knaven (Henricus Theordorus Josephus Knaven) of Team Milram will officially retire from pro cycling on August 15, 2010. the 39-year-old rider was offered the position of assistant director sportif for Milram team car.

This career move will end Knaven’s 17th season as a pro cyclist. He intended his final race shall be the Profwielerronde van Etten-Leur which he won in 2007.

“As my last race I will ride the criterium in Etten-Leur. That is not far away from my home, and many of my fans and friends live in this area,” said Knaven.

Knaven said he was grateful that his retirement was left to him to take care of, “For me, it was always important that I could decide myself when the end should be. Our manager Gerry van Gerwen left it entirely up to me.”

Knaven won the Paris-Roubaix in 2001. He also won a stage of the Tour de France in…

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