pinit fg en rect gray 20   Serenity 2011 Marvel S Track Bike

serenity 2011 marvel s track bike   Serenity 2011 Marvel S Track Bike

Serenity was on display at the SF Bike Expo with the 2011 Marvel S Track Bike.

The Serenity 2011 Marvel S is their flagship track frame. The frame is constructed of full monoque and is packed with performance. With its 75 degree head and seat tube angles, the Serenity Marvel S 2011 frame excretes power while taking to the track.

For sprinters you can purchase the 2011 Serenity Marvel S with a 35mm offset fork rake, and for timed events a 43mm offset fork.

Serenity has equipped the Marvel S with a slide aft-for micro adjuster. This grants greater options when it comes to seatposts.

Available in black, silver, and green….

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