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2011 Selle San Marco Vintage Collection

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Selle San Marco Vintage Collection

2011 selle san marco vintage collection   2011 Selle San Marco Vintage Collection

Selle San Marco revives its 2011 saddles with its Vintage Collection line. The retro move brings back 3 favorites—the Rolls, Regal and the Concor Supercorsa—in different covers of leather, suede, perforated leather and textured leather. The Rolls and the Regal have options for titanium rails for those who want to shave off some weight. Prices range from 79 Euro to 170 Euro.

The Vintage Rolls were a favorite by many cyclists because its shape fits almost every one. Dimensions for the Rolls are 282mm x 143mm and weighs 312 grams. They come in black, brown and white colors.

The Vintage Regal comes with a racing pedigree combined with classic stud detailing. It weighs 345 grams and measures 283mm x 149mm. Color schemes are the same with the Rolls. It uses both leather and textured leather coverings.

The Vintage Concor Supercorsa comes in its original molding but in more colors. Blue, yellow, red…

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Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour Saddle

selle san marco aspide glamour 300x177   Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour SaddleAspide Glamour TriathGel woman’s triathlon saddle is the perfect saddle designed and developed for female triathletes by Selle San Marco. The saddle possesses a gel-enhanced nose soft enough to give the extra relief and comfort for triathletes riding hours in the aero position. The saddle only weighs 210 grams and retains its original shape and provides the much needed comfort and support.

Its quality and uniqueness is shown by its Titanox hollow stainless steel rails, the lorica cover and the gel-enhanced nose for comfort specifically all for Women’s tri-specific saddle.

Selle San Marco has come up with a specific system to determine the right Women’s saddle for the female triathletes. The system is called “S.I.Z.E” or the Surface Ideal Zone for Ergonomics where it serves to deliver the right saddle. The sizes are neither small nor medium nor large but rather are coded in specific set of numbers….

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