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Tree Bicycle Co. Ergo Nomical Seat

tree bicycle co ergo nomical seat   Tree Bicycle Co. Ergo Nomical Seat

Coming soon from Tree Bicycle Co. is the new Ergo Nomical seat, made for riding BMX.

The Tree Bicycle Co Ergo Nomical seat cuts down on weight with it’s overall slim design (only weighing 9.07 ounces). When you purchase a seat, comfort always is a huge factor. TBC uses a custom shaped foam that conquers discomfort. Kevlar micro-fiber covers the seat, allowing it to withstand falls where it could get damaged.

You will have to wait till April if you want to pick up one of three colors of the Tree Bicycle Co. Ergo Nomical Seats, which are black, brown and grey.

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Fly Bikes Uno BMX Seat

fly bikes uno bmx seat   Fly Bikes Uno BMX Seat

It took 3 years for Fly Bikes to develop the Uno seat, and the company has announced the recent release. Fly Bikes Uno BMX Seat is strong, flex free, and on top of that is a one piece seat. Some of the specifications on the Fly Bikes Uno Seat are the one piece nylon fiber glass compound, kevlar cover, aluminum inside reinforce tube, and aluminum plates on the sides for a secure fit. Each seat weighs in at 10.4 ounces and comes in black, red, purple, orange, and white.

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Easton’s New Haven Line

eastons new haven line   Eastons New Haven Line

Releasing its new collection, the brand Easton has added to its Haven line a new set of handlebars, stems and seat posts to go along with the all-mountain alloy and carbon wheel set that they had released previously.

The Haven bar, which is both offered in carbon and alloy versions are almost the same with their 71mm width, 20mm rise and 9-degree back sweep. They also added the new haven carbon bar that is a cross-country light which is about 170g but at an affordable price. Besides the bars, they also added their Taper Wall butting and shaping technology that keeps the aluminum version at 265g all in two colors.

Also, available soon to their product is the matching machined and forged aluminum stem with a large 40mm diameter extension and a handlebar clamp that resists torsional flex. The upcoming handlebar will also have Easton’s Top-lock faceplate design which is…

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Hoffman B-Rad Pivotal Seat Brad Simms Signature

hoffman b rad pivotal seat brad simms signature   Hoffman B Rad Pivotal Seat Brad Simms Signature

Brad Simms signature BMX seat is called the B-Rad, and is produced by none other than Hoffman Bikes. The Hoffman B-Rad Pivotal Seat Brad Simms Signature is available in two versions, mid padding and slim padding, but both will contain Kevlar cover, and has Brad’s flight plan with a airplane in gold stitched across the seat.

Source: VitalBMX

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