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2011 SE Draft + Draft Lite Fixed Gear

2011 se draft draft lite fixed gear   2011 SE Draft + Draft Lite Fixed Gear

SE is starting to show some of their 2011 fixed gear bikes, and with the first viewing we have the Draft and Draft Lite.

As of now, not much information is known on the 2011 SE Draft and Draft Lite, although from the previous year, they both are reasonably priced (we take it they will fall in the same trend). What is most noticeable is the color schemes available. One of the 2011 Drafts seems to take on some inspiration from the Germany, and overall they are using brighter colors.

MSRP is not known just yet, but they are expected to hit USA SE retailers in October 2010.

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DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010 Review

dc x se pk ripper fixed gear 2010 review   DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010 Review

SE Bikes and DC Shoes have done an exceptional job over the years at meeting the demands of riders with its collaboration efforts. The two companies first collaborated in 2007 with ’30 Years of Radness’, a limited edition project to celebrate SE’s 30-year anniversary. Coming to the market in 2009 was the DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear, which received mixed reviews. Today, DC and SE have teamed up once again to bring you a PK Ripper Fixed Gear for 2010.

After 2 months of rigorously testing the 2010 model, we have reached a consensus on the latest PK Ripper:

In 2009 the DC x SE fixed gear collaboration captivated the fixed gear world with its appeal – and this year’s revamp is turning out to be no different. Like its predecessor, the PK Ripper…

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