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2012 SE PK Ripper XLP Team BMX Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 SE PK Ripper XLP Team BMX Bike

2012 se pk ripper xlp team bmx bike   2012 SE PK Ripper XLP Team BMX Bike
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In the new range released by SE Bikes for 2012, the BMX bike called PK Ripper XLP Team is a top of the line model. Equipped with several components that are carefully selected, this bike is a reliable and good-looking high zoot racer.

Along with the 6066 aluminum frame of the PK Ripper XLP Team is a 100% Cr-Mo tapered Landing Gear fork, which features an internally threaded steerer tube. The frame consists of lightweight parts from its seat/post to its alloy Truvativ cranks and wheels as well as other high-end components.

Weighing in at only 9.4kg, the 2012 SE PK Ripper XLP Team BMX Bike is one of the most lightweight BMX racing bicycles on the market today. Also incredibly lightweight is the Tioga D-Spyder Pivotal seat of the bike, which helps make the ride comfortable….

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SE Quad Fixed Prototype Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE Quad Fixed Prototype Frame

se quad fixed prototype frame   SE Quad Fixed Prototype Frame

SE’s history with BMX is strong lived by the quad angle frame. Today we received information from SE on a prototype quad fixed gear frame hopefully soon to be released.

Only one prototype of the SE Quad fixed frame has been made. Last night, SE gave the frame to Marwin “The Wizard” Ou to test. You can catch “The Wizard” riding the Quad around the LBC area soon.

At this point, SE is unsure if the Quad fixed frame will launch with its 2012 line. More information coming in the next months.

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2011 SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear

2011 se pk ripper fixed gear   2011 SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear

For 2011, SE revamped the PK Ripper fixed, making it stronger and more geared towards tricks.

The SE 2011 PK Ripper Fixed frame is redesigned with 6066 alloy tubing, making it stronger than its predecessor. A triangle piece is fused between the top tube and bottom tube, another addition to strengthening the PK Ripper. A thicker tubing and wider diameter is throughout the frame.

The forks are SE Landing Gear, which SE claims to be stronger than the 2010 version.

Components of the 2011 SE PK Ripper are the Affix clamp stem, SE 3-piece 48 spline crankset and a shoulder bolt to prevent slipping, Velocity Chukker rims with a high flange flip flop hub, and Odyssey Twisted plastic pedals.

For a 49cm PK Ripper, you’re looking at a total of 23.3 pounds. Retail price coming soon.

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2011 SE So Cal Flyer 24″ BMX

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SE So Cal Flyer 24 BMX

2011 se so cal flyer 24 bmx   2011 SE So Cal Flyer 24 BMX

The So Cal Flyer is one of SE Bikes’ more popular models. And for 2011, the 24″ SE So Cal Flyer is back.

SE 2011 So Cal Flyer 24 inch is constructed of alloy floval through the frame.

Some of the components on the 2011 So Cal Flyer are Power Wing cruiser bars, alloy hubs, 3-piece tubular cranks, SE Flyer seat, and Kenda K-Rad tires.

Weighing in at 26.3 pounds, two color schemes are available white/black and black/yellow.

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SE Bikes Sterling Handlebar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE Bikes Sterling Handlebar

se bikes sterling handlebar   SE Bikes Sterling Handlebar

The same BMX style handlebars on the PK Ripper fixed gear are now shipping to SE retailers, the bars are known as Sterling.

The SE Sterling handlebar comes in black and chrome, made of alloy, strong, and light. As of now, weight and retail price are not known, but check with your local SE dealer to purchase.

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SE Power Wing Handlebar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE Power Wing Handlebar

se power wing handlebar   SE Power Wing Handlebar

Those looking for a new handlebar to complete a old school SE Bike, or if your in need of a new classic handlebar, the Power Wing bars are now shipping out.

The SE Power Wing handlebar comes in black, chrome, raw and white. Constructed with a 10 degree backsweep, 28.5″ wide, 8.25″ rise, and 1 degree upsweep. Weighing in at 28 ounces, to purchase contact your local SE dealer.

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2011 SE BMX Bike Preview

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SE BMX Bike Preview

2011 se bmx bike preview   2011 SE BMX Bike Preview

For the BMX department, SE displays a small preview of the 2011 bikes. Some oldies but goodies are available from SE, but just like the fixed gears, not much information is known.

First up we have the 2011 SE Big Ripper, standing 29 inches! A favorite amongst taller riders, the Big Ripper features a silver/black/gold color scheme.

The 2011 Quadangle Looptail 24 inch is a resurrected classic, that has been a hit for several years. Using a black/gold colorway.

Hood Rich 2011 SE can be used for dirt or street, and features gray, red, and hints of black.

2011 Floval Flyer is dipped in metallic silver with white forks, handlebars and cranks.

Lastly, the 2011 Heavy Hitter. Composed of mostly flat black, and a old school chrome handlebars and stem. Added are some beefy tires.

Available at SE retailers October 2010.

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