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2012 SE Bikes Draft Coaster Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 SE Bikes Draft Coaster Bike

2012 se bikes draft coaster bike   2012 SE Bikes Draft Coaster Bike

SE Bikes takes pride in its lineup of cool bikes for 2012, which includes its new bike called Draft Coaster. It features the same hi-ten steel Draft frame and fork from the more popular fixed gear models.

What SE Bikes did was take its very famous Draft bike and develop a coater brake version of it. This is not any coaster brake but a first-class Shimano coaster brake. With its traditional coaster brake, riders can enjoy skids and controlled stops.

Aside from the cool riding experience it offers, the 2012 SE Bikes Draft Coaster Bike is also sold at an affordable price. This is an adult-sized bike that allows enjoyable gliding through corners.

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SE S1-E Grips

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE S1 E Grips

se s1 e grips   SE S1 E Grips

SE S1-E Grips are available now at local SE retailers and online. The SE S1-E Grips are 2 piece, which take on an original or 1980s BMX style, while three grips are available, two take on two colors. Constructed of dual kraton rubber compound, and all over SE Bubble 3D pattern, each grip retails for $12. Colors available are white/blue, blue/brown, and solid black.

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SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame

trick frame from se us versus them 300x250   SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame Currently merging its resources and technologies is SE Bikes and Us Versus Them. The objective here was to come out with a state of the art fixed gear freestyle specific frame. The partnership was that of Todd Lyons (SE Brand Manger) and James Banuelos (Special Projects Manager for SE Bikes & CEO of Us Versus Them). After a thorough evaluation derived from creative brainstorming, exchange of ideas and research data gathered from riders and engineering experts, the frame is set to come release soon.

The soon-to-be-released super prototype of the SE x Us Versus Them frame will feature a Full Cr-Mo Frame with a double Butted top tube and down tube. This frame was designed with maximum 50c clearance tires in mind.

Although the frame is still in its evolutionary stage, the final blue print and geometric design is commendable. The new trick frame will be exhibited by team riders Chris…

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SE x DC PK Ripper & PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE x DC PK Ripper & PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010

se pk ripper 2010 fixed gear   SE x DC PK Ripper & PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010

The 2010 model of the PK Ripper Fixed Gear comes in two color sets, a black and an orange. The black is SE’s standard model and the orange is the DC labeled version which is the fourth year that SE has collaborated with DC Shoes. Between the two models the only difference is found in the sponsorship and between the ’09 and ’10 model you will find the same exact price as the 2009 model except the 2010 model comes with plenty of upgrades. The ’10 version changes include a 2-piece BMX style handlebar, a BMX style stem with cut outs, a more comfortable seat on the bike, and high end X-Pedo pedals that are similar to the old school bear trap pedals. It is available in 7 sizes, from a 47 inch to a 61 inch, all of which you can bar spin with…

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SE 26″ OM Flyer 2010 BMX

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE 26 OM Flyer 2010 BMX

se 26 om flyer 2010 bmx   SE 26 OM Flyer 2010 BMX

Claimed to be one of the biggest head turners of SE’s line, the 2010 26” OM Flyer BMX is wrapped with 100 dollar bills on the frame, fork, and bars. This is a retro bike that was first created in the 1980’s and SE brought the frame back. It features a looptail rear end, fluted seat post, landing gear forks, and, new for 2010, are the 2 piece grips, similar to the old Oakley B1B grips, that allow you to perfectly match to your 2-toned bike. It has a 48-spline crank set and X-Pedo pedals. At a weight of 27.2 lbs, the mantra for the bike is as followed, “Green is for the money and the gold is for the hunnies.” MSRP: $800.

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2009 SE x DC PK Ripper Fixed Gear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2009 SE x DC PK Ripper Fixed Gear

2009 se dc pk ripper fixed gear   2009 SE x DC PK Ripper Fixed Gear

In 2009, SE Bikes released another DC collaboration bike. This DC/PK ripper fixed gear bike has a floval tube design, meaning flat on the sides and oval on the top and bottom. This floval style was brought back from the original 1970’s PK Ripper. In addition to basing the new frame off of their retro frame, their fluted seat pose adds more old school flavor. On the back end of the bike you will find a looptail rear end. Looptail means that the chain stay and the seat stay are all one tube. The crank is a BMX SE 3-piece 48-spline crank. This bike would most compatible with fixed gear city freestyle bikers. The DC/PK Ripper is offered in two color sets: chrome w/ blue and the other in Mapp Black. Although this bike is newly released, only 2500 bikes were made worldwide and if you got your…

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