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2011 Scott Genius LT

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Scott Genius LT

2011 scott genius lt 300x225   2011 Scott Genius LTScott gives its Genius bike a new model for 2011, the Genius LT. This is a bike designed for the more aggressive rider who loves challenging climbs.

The Genius LT has a one-piece carbon mainframe and aluminum rear triangle. Both are connected with oversized pivot bearings which makes the frame stiffer and more durable. It also has a tapered headtube which is wider at the bottom for more control.

The rear shock has a dual mount set-up so you can drop the rear end to get a slacker steering angle. This is great when you spend 35% of the time going uphill.

The handlebar has the Twin-Loc remote which can control the fork and rear shock. If you choose the fully open mode, you get 7 inches of travel. As for the traction mode, you’ll have 4.3 inches of travel.

Finally, the 2011 Scott Genius LT features a 3-cylinder rear shock called the…

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Scott CR1 Pro 2010 Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Scott CR1 Pro 2010 Bike

scott cr1 pro bike 300x225   Scott CR1 Pro 2010 BikeThe CR1 frame from Scott gets tweaked to become suited for comfortable day rides and sportives. It gets a new paint job with lacquer while the Scott’s Shock Damping System is evident in its seat and chain stays as well as the all-carbon fork.

The Scott CR1 promises a smooth ride with rear stays modified to withstand high amplitude and frequency of use. All in all, keeping the entire frame controlled and stiff in vertical compliance.

Making sure that comfort is at its best, Scott’s Road Comfort frame dimensions features a top tube relatively shorter than its Road Race specs. For a size L, you’ll get 5mm and is complimented by a higher head tube; about 20mm. True to its high performance geometry, the CR1 highlights a more relaxed riding position to accommodate your average urban cyclist.

The CR1 range has five models. The CR1 Pro is equipped with the Shimano 6700…

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2011 Scott Plasma 3 Triathlon – Time Trial

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Scott Plasma 3 Triathlon   Time Trial

2011 scott plasma 3 triathlon time trial   2011 Scott Plasma 3 Triathlon   Time Trial

Consumers will have a special version for 2011 of the Scott Plasma 3, a bike that can be used for Triathlon and time trials. First debuting last year, the model shown is the team riders for time trial. In total, two Triathlon 2011 Scott Plasma 3 bikes will release, with the main differences are the stem. The time trial version will have a fully integrated and inline stem, which is featured on the HTC-Columbia bike.

2011 Scott Plasma 3 Triathlon bikes will have a adjustable stem, which can rise above the top tube. If you look at the aerodynamics, the bike meets UCI 3:1 rule requirements, so the bike will pass with its specifications. Check out below for additional pictures of the Time Trial and Triathlon 2011 Scott Plasma.

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Scott 2011 Scale 949 29er

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Scott 2011 Scale 949 29er

scott 2011 scale 949 29er 300x225   Scott 2011 Scale 949 29erScott unveils its Scale 949 29er model for 2011 in three sizes (medium, large and extra large). Comfortable and steady, the Scale 949 comes with a new seat and chain stays infused together that has a hollow tube along the bend, right above the dropouts. The chainstays measures 438mm.

The Scott Scale 949 has a tapered head tube and uses internal cable routing for a clean and slick front end. It uses the Press Fit BB30 which can allow you to use a wide BB shell and downtube junction. The derailleur cables also exit at the BB shell while the fork features the Reba 20mm to thicken the steering feel and matches the girth of the head tube assembly.

Scott’s Shock Damping System was used on the seatstays which gives you a vertical flex of 4mm to 5mm at the rear axle. Retail prices for the Scott’s Scale 29er are…

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2011 Scott F01 Aero Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Scott F01 Aero Road Bike

2011 scott f01 aero road bike   2011 Scott F01 Aero Road Bike

Displayed first by video, the 2011 Scott F01 Aero Road Bike will take part in the 2010 Tour de France by Mark Cavendish, Bernard Eisel and other HTC-Columbia team riders.

The Scott 2011 F01 Aero Road Bike transfers the stiffness and weight from the Scott Addict, but make the bike more aerodynamic, resembling the Plasma 3 Time Trial and Triathlon bike from last years Tour de France. After completion, the Scott F01 2011 weighs 840 grams, and is said to be one of the most aerodynamic frames on the market.

First tested at the Mercedes Benz Gran Prix wind tunnel, and due to the tubing which is a virtually flat trailing edge, the 2011 Scott F01 Aero can eliminate drag between 20% – 30%. Also comparing the F01 Aero to the Addict, the F01 uses a stiffer bottom bracket and rear hub. Lastly, the front triangle is…

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Marco Pinotti Scott HTC Columbia Plasma 3

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Marco Pinotti Scott HTC Columbia Plasma 3

marco pinotti htc columbia plasma 3   Marco Pinotti Scott HTC Columbia Plasma 3

After introducing the Plasma 2 last year at the Giro d’Italia, Team HTC is again using this bike for this the same event with a few renovations on the last year’s bike. Formula 1 aerodynamacist Simon Smart, together with his team is making the changes on this year’s Plasma 3.

This year, the changes can be found on the much lower front end of this bike. Complete with a Missile Evo aero bar, the stem is directly in line with the top tube.  They also customized the bar with multiple mounting holes for the arm rests and extensions making it adjustable at the arm’s rest heights and three stem lengths.

Racer and four time Italian Nation time trial champion Marco Pinotti prefers his base bar  grips fairly low but extensions are a bit higher with narrow spaces as high as 19cm that is why this new renovation is made that way…

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Scott 29er 2010 Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Scott 29er 2010 Mountain Bike

scott 29er 2010 Mountain Bike   Scott 29er 2010 Mountain Bike

Some have asked over time, “When will Scott release a hardtail mountain bike“? Well, to answer your question, in 2010! We have a preview of the Scott 29er 2010 Mountain Bike that is available in a beautiful green, white, and black. Indeed a solid mountain bike, the Scott 29er 2010 contains XT “mid grade” products, so your not getting the top of the line hardtail, nor scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Newly introduced worldwide, MSRP is $1,499.

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