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2012 Scott Plasma 10 Triathlon Bike

2012 scott plasma 10 triathlon bike   2012 Scott Plasma 10 Triathlon Bike

New for triathletes is the latest triathlon bike called Plasma 10, which has been released by Scott Bikes for 2012. With its specially selected components, this bike offers a high-level performance that serious triathletes need.

Built from a carbon frame with an integrated fork, the Plasma 10 offers maximum speed without making the rider suffer 20mg levitra canada
from unnecessary vibrations. Its stiff and rigid triathlon geometry is perfect for powerful viagra mail order riders who want to push themselves to their limits.
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Created by professional triathlete Normann Stadler and aerodynamic specialists, the 2012 Scott Plasma 10 Triathlon Bike guarantees an award-winning performance. Whether it is for competition generic viagra online or training, this bike is highly reliable.

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2013 Scott Split Aero Helmet

2013 scott split aero helmet   2013 Scott Split Aero Helmet

Sponsoring Team GreenEDGE, Scott delivers the 2013 Split Aero Helmet.

The helmet was designed to deliver minimal drag resistance for its user. Another huge feature of the Split Aero Helmet is the amount of ventilation and comfortability offered, despite its lack of vents. On the aerodynamics side of things, clip-on goggles were developed, also giving a choice in color option.

There’s also a video on the Scott site you can check out by clicking here.

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2012 Scott Metrix 40 Flat Bar Road Bike

2012 scott metrix 40 flat bar road bike   2012 Scott Metrix 40 Flat Bar Road Bike

For riders who regard comfort as a priority, the new flat bar road bike called Metrix from Scott Bikes is an excellent choice. Topnotch performance is guaranteed by this road bike, thanks to its Shimano Acera rear mech as well as its hydroformed 6061alloy frame and fork.

In order to make riding position as comfortable as possible, the Metrix 40 features flat bar handlebars. Moreover, these handlebars lessen the effort required when maneuvering at low speeds. Rolling on the road is incredibly smooth with its Kenda Kwest tires.

With its flat bar-specific road geometry, the 2012 Scott Metrix 40 Flat Bar Road Bike offers the incredible comfort that others cannot match. This is the perfect machine for urban riders who are looking for a lightweight and affordable bike.
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2012 Scott OTG 10 Fixie Road Bike

2012 scott otg 10 fixie road bike   2012 Scott OTG 10 Fixie Road Bike

Perfect for the fashion-conscious urban cyclist is the new fixie road bike called OTG 10 from Scott Bikes. Aside from its unique and Cialis 100mg simple but outstanding aesthetics, this road bike also allows for fun and free riding as it allows the rider to easily pedal slower or faster.

Weighing in at 10.5kg, the OTG 10 comes complete with impressive components and speccs. This fixie road bike features a high-quality 4130 CroMo frame, which allows for a comfortable, stylish, and efficient way to stay fit around the city.

As compared to the typical geared town bike, the 2012 Scott OTG 10 Fixie Road Bike requires a lot less maintenance. With the OTG 10, choosing whether to ride single-speed or fixed gear is a lot more fun. Also, its simplicity makes it ideal everyday bike.

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2012 Scott Contessa Scale 10 Hardtail Mountain Bike for Women

2012 scott contessa scale 10 hardtail mountain bike for women   2012 Scott Contessa Scale 10 Hardtail Mountain Bike for Women
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For women riders who are looking for a new mountain bike, Scott Bikes has launched a new hardtail mountain machine called Contessa Scale 10 for 2012. With its reliable performance and low price, this hardtail mountain bike is specifically designed for female riders who are mountain bike beginners.

What Scott Bikes did was carefully select a celebrex 100mg wide variety of high-quality components from leading brands to ensure that the Contessa Scale 10 performs better than any other hardtail mountain bike for women. Maximum comfort and proven geometry is both guaranteed by its durable 6061 alloy frame.

Perfect for female cyclists who are serious on the trail is the new 2012 Scott Contessa Scale 10 Hardtail Mountain Bike for Women. This first-rate female mountain bike is equipped with a Rock Shox Recon fork, Shimano parts, and Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires.


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2012 Scott Scale 30 Hardtail Mountain Bike

2012 scott scale 30 hardtail mountain bike   2012 Scott Scale 30 Hardtail Mountain Bike

For 2012, Scott Bikes has reintroduced the hardtail mountain bike called Scale 30 with a completely new design. The new bike weighs in at just 10kg and has a first-rate Scale HMF-NET carbon frame that features a SDS shock damping system, IMP3 tech, and a tapered headtube for better front end stiffness.

With the Scale 30, getting to the races with a guaranteed performance of a topnotch machine does not have to be expensive. This mountain bike owes its low cost to its Rock Shox Reba along with its reliable combination of Avid brakes and Shimano drivetrain.

An affordable HMF carbon-fiber machine, the 2012 Scott Scale 30 Hardtail Mountain Bike is ideal for cross-country racers who are on a budget. Aside from its excellent mix of value and performance, this is also one of the few light bikes that is unfailingly stiff.

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2012 Scott Foil 10 Road Bike

2012 scott foil 10 road bike   2012 Scott Foil 10 Road Bike
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One of the most advanced road racing bikes for 2012 is the new Foil 10 from Scott. In any road conditions, this aero road bike guarantees enhanced speed and efficiency. Its aerodynamic efficiency is maximized through F01 Technology, which makes uniquely shaped bike-specific tubes.

Designed as a reliable race bike, the Foil 10 features Mavic Cosmic Carbon SL wheels and full Shimano Dura Ace. The compliance and strength of its aero HMX carbon fiber frame are enhanced by getting rid of the usual foil's trailing edge while reducing the overall weight at the same time.

Featuring an impeccable balance of aerodynamics, stiffness, and light weight, the 2012 Scott Foil 10 Road Bike is a highly sophisticated machines on road. Aside from its incredible 6.9kg total weight, the remarkably stiff construction of the Foil 10 also makes it different from other aero inspired…

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