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2011 Schwinn Racer Fixed

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Schwinn Racer Fixed

2011 schwinn racer fixed 1   2011 Schwinn Racer Fixed

Not all Schwinn bikes are sold at Target, yet. But if your in the market for a reasonably priced fixie or city bike, the 2011 Schwinn Racer retails for under $300.

The components are standard on the Schwinn 2011 Racer fixed, wearing companies like Alex, KMC, and ProMax. Of course the Racer features in house parts, too, like its cranks, saddle and grips.

Two colors are available, black, with a metallic silver saddle and top-tube pad, and pink, with a black / graphite checkered saddle and top-tube pad.

Retail is $285.

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Schwinn 2011 Cutter Fixed

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Schwinn 2011 Cutter Fixed

schwinn 2011 cutter fixed 300x194   Schwinn 2011 Cutter Fixed

From Schwinn comes their 2011 Cutter fixed bike, which is available in Black or Pink/White/Green colors. This model features the Schwinn N’ Gauged Hi-Ten track frame, which assists in the bike’s durability and adds-up to its mode of style. Partnered with it is the N’ Gauged Cro-Mo TIG welded Unicrown fork.

The 2011 Schwinn Cutter has its own long-wearing wheels that spotlights a high-flange track hubs and a Alex DA 13 double-wall rims, 32 (hole rear) and 28 (hole front). Also, it comes with a couple of stainless’ 14 G spokes and pedals composed of nylon straps and steel toe clips from Kore.

The Cutter black version comes with grips out of the Schwinn Slim line kraton and for the pink/white/green version is the “S” Logo BMX kraton. This model also highlights its forged alloy crank with 46-tooth alloy chainring and 18-tooth cog/freewheel. Retail price for Cutter 2011 is $379, all…

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Schwinn Vestige Biodegradable Flax Fiber Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Schwinn Vestige Biodegradable Flax Fiber Bike

schwinn vestige biodegradable flax fiber bike   Schwinn Vestige Biodegradable Flax Fiber Bike

Schwinn debuts a eco friendly bike at 2010 EuroBike, which took home the EuroBike Gold Award for innovative design.

The Schwinn Vestige looks like your basic commuter bike on the surface, but is constructed of natural biodegradable flax fibers splashed with water soluble paint. As you can imagine, this is the first time a bike company has achieved this.

Acting almost like a carbon frame, the flax fibers insulation absorbs vibrations.

The tubing on the Schwinn Vestige is translucent, and a internal lighting system is placed within the tubes for a nice light show. Instead of batteries, the lighting system is powered by the front hub.

As of now, information on a release or retail price is not available….

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2011 Schwinn Madison Fixie

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Schwinn Madison Fixie

2011 schwinn madison fixie   2011 Schwinn Madison Fixie

Schwinn offers two different models of the 2011 Madison fixed. One which we refer to as your basic model, and the other a retro theme.

Going retro can be a hit or miss, but the 2011 Schwinn Madison seems to pull it off with its white, purple and yellow colorways, a vintage styled Schwinn logo with a strike through, and bullhorn handlebar.

The basic version of the Schwinn 2011 Madison comes in red and white, 1980s Schwinn logo, and drop bars.

As far as tech goes, both 2011 Madison’s come with a gauged Cro-Mo track frame, Cro-Mo lugged crown fork, 46T alloy ring and 18T flip flop hub. MSRP is $549.

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Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle Helmet

schwinn artemis adult women micro bicycle helmet 300x225   Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle HelmetIt is true that cycling is a very enjoyable sport. However, it does not mean that you will take your safety for granted. With this, one of the first protective items that you should get is a helmet. One of the helmets available in the market is the Schwinn Artemis Adult Women Micro Bicycle Helmet.

The main feature of this helmet is that it has 21 air vents that will make you feel very comfortable even during hot weather season. This is because these vents will allow proper air circulation that will keep you from too much sweating.

Another feature of this helmet is that it will fit every user perfectly because of its strap system. In this way, the user will not have any problems in wearing them or falling off while cycling.

The next feature that gives the user additional protection is its reflective…

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2010 Schwinn Le Tour Super

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 Schwinn Le Tour Super

2010 schwinn le tour super   2010 Schwinn Le Tour Super

Schwinn, whose name is synonymous with cycling passion that lasts a lifetime. For more than a hundred years, they have been makers of quality bicycles that range from sidewalk bikes and BMX bikes to bomb-proof mountain bikes and classic cruisers.

Now, a new addition to their line is the 2010 Le Tour Super. Promoting exercise and fitness, the new model is a lightweight buddy that gives both comfort and optimum performance.

The 2010 Schwinn Le Tour Super is made with a Schwinn N’Litened Black Label carbon fiber frame with bio tuned ergonomic geometry. The fork is also made from the same carbon fiber plus alloy steerer and forged dropouts. For the drivetrain, it is made up of Shimano 105 components and a FSA Omega compact triple for the crankset. Climbing steep hills should not be a problem without sacrificing comfort and style. The Le…

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