pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Yeti SB66 Mountain Bike Frame

2012 yeti sb66 mountain bike frame   2012 Yeti SB66 Mountain Bike Frame

Yeti Bikes has released one of the latest mountain bike frames for 2012 called SB66. Four of the major features of this 3.17kg frame include switch technology, more responsive mid stroke, efficient pedaling, and continuous travel. It is available in lime, turquoise, black, and white colors.

An unconventional mechanism is used by the optimized dual-link design called switch technology, which is combined with the leverage ratio’s flat linear shape for a more responsive mid stroke. By rotating the eccentric link rearward, efficient pedaling is achieved without compromising its small bump sensitivity.

When the 2012 Yeti SB66 Mountain Bike Frame gets to the inflection point, the forward clockwise rotation of the eccentric link begins. With this continuous travel, the rate at which the chain stay develops drops fast so the suspension can work separately from pedal feedback and chain forces.

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